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Robin Williams Outs His Dog: “He Has A Boyfriend And They Are Planning To Adopt”

The last time we saw Robin Williams on TV was in an ASPCA commercial, so it’s fitting that he comes up again in an animal-related context.

While discussing his newly minted marriage to artist Susan Schneider with the Irish Independent, Williams, 60, went off on a tangent about his prissy pooch.

“I also have a gay rescue pug called Leonard,” the oh-so-hairy movie star says. “He has a boyfriend and they are planning to adopt a Siamese kitten together. We’re very modern.”

Hmm, is Leonard a homo or is Williams having a laugh? He did also comment that his daughter Zelda, 22, was named after the video game The Legend of Zelda, so you can’t be sure.

We’d love to hear more about Leonard’s boyfriend and their adoption plans, but is it even legal for two same-sex dogs to adopt a cat in the state of California?

Better check the books first.


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  • ewe

    I have a fat jewish turtle Senor Williams. HO HO HO.

  • Lance


    Not really.

  • Kurt

    Boring. Williams hasn’t been funny in decades. I like how Queerty will have us rally against a calendar being sold but not against Robin Williams making a homophobic joke.

  • RomanHans

    Williams is homophobic? Queerty’s the one who assumed a gay dog has to be “prissy.”

  • Cinesnatch

    You were born yesterday if you think robin williams is homophobic. Or I was born yesterday if there is actual evidence that hs is. The performer has a history of being gay friendly. The Comment is textbook williams. But he is usually much funnier. He is better appreciated in watching one of his stand-up routines from his early coke- addled days.

    I know he has been making suck-ass movies for over a decade now, but
    These cries of homophobia at a drop of a hat are unnerving. Do yourself a favor and do some research.

  • Cinesnatch

    Oh and thank you queerty for your continuation of homophobia-baiting and perpetuating ignorance amongst our
    Community. Shameful.

  • Red Meat

    Robin Williams is less homophobic then all the idiots commenting above. If you don’t like his particular comedy then gtfo and don’t try to bring it down.

  • Global Traveler

    I met him in Toronto. He was nice, charming, and picked up the tab for my coworkers and me. Aside from that, he was incredibly, off the cuff funny. The TV was tuned to CNN but muted and there was a story about a fire in an exotic pet store. He launched into a spontaneous rant about the animals dialing 911 that went on for minutes, and had the rest of us literally gasping to catch our breath.

    The next day I ran into him in the lobby, but not wanting to bug him I kept walking. He stopped me and engaged me in a conversation about which bike to buy my dad (they are both avid bikers) and actually had the reporters who were there to interview him wait until we finished our conversation.

    A class act all the way around.

  • Donnie

    But he did really name is daughter after Zelda, from the Legend Of Zelda. He’s an avid fan.

  • Lance

    @Red Meat: I’ll continue voicing my views, thank you.

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