Robinson Refuses Lambeth Compromise

Gene Robinson’s nobody’s sideshow! After being denied invitation to the international Anglicans’ Lambeth Conference this summer, the openly gay Bishop issued a statement that he will not be attending – not officially, at least.

Rather than giving Robinson a notable role, the international Communion, led by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, offered Robinson up for interviews with the media gods.

The “sick-hearted” Robinson, however, wasn’t having it:

One workshop on one afternoon and being interviewed by the secular press was not anything I was seeking. I wasn’t going to Lambeth to have another interview with the secular press. If interviewed at all, I want to talk with a theologian. I want to talk about the love of Christ. I want to talk about the God who saved me and redeemed me and continues to live in my life.

Despite his tough talk, Robinson will pop into the Lambeth Conference as an “outside observer.” Those gays just love to get up in the drama!

Robinson also urges other Anglican leaders to attend and fight for their gay brethren: “You must go. You must find your voice… You have to find my voice and the voices of all the gay and lesbian people in your diocese who, for now, don’t have a voice…”