Equates Anti-Gay Mission With American Slavery

Robinson Takes Aim At Akinola

Gay Bishop Gene Robinson recorded a show for BBC yesterday during which he takes on Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola’s anti-gay ways.

In an uneven, yet understandable, comparison, Robinson compares Akinola’s mission to America’s slave trade:

We in the US treated people who came out of Africa as less than human. We used scripture to justify this slavery and continued bondage. It is very, very painful to have those people in Africa in some sense using the same thinking against gay and lesbian people and against me.

Robinson’s careful, however, to express his understanding of Akinola’s homophobic perspective:

I believe that Peter Akinola…believes he is following his call to God as best he can. I just wish he could believe that I am following my call as best I can… I will not reject God’s call to me.

Maybe this God character should stop calling and send an email. Then people would have a better idea of what the hell he’s talking about…