Here's What 21 Rock Stars Look Like Dressed in Drag! (VIDEO)

“The genres of rock and metal are filled with men who exude their collective masculinity through loud music, ripped jeans and leather pants. Now, take that mentality, put it in a dress, and you’ve got an hilarious yin and yang.”

From Alice Cooper and Ozzy Ozbourne to Marilyn Manson and Dee Snider, discover what some of your favorite rock star musicians look like in drag in this new video created by Loudwire.

Some dressed in full garb, including makeup, lingerie and dresses, while others took the easy route and just threw on a dress. Either way, it’s still entertaining to see these typically masculine (well, most of them) personalities embrace their feminine side.

Watch the video below and let us know who you think looked the best (and worst) in the comments below!

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