The New ‘Rocky Horror’ Reboot Trailer Has Got Us Ready To Do The Time Warp Again


Fox’s upcoming remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is controversial to say the least, but hopefully the new trailer for the Halloween musical event will put anxious fans of the cult classic at ease. As Brad (Ryan McCartan) tells a shivering Janet (Victoria Justice), there’s nothing to worry about.

OK, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but judging from the trailer, this Rocky Horror has plenty of kinky glitz, heels, OOT eye makeup and fishnets — not to mention original star Tim Curry taking over the role of the narrator — to pay proper homage to the original. Plus, the trailer features a cute little meta twist in the form of a midnight movie audience watching Laverne Cox and co. strut their stuff, shouting call-backs and throwing TP at the screen like fans have been doing at midnight screenings for years.

Whether or not this particular device will be in the actual TV movie, which premieres in October on Fox, it’s got us ready to do the Time Warp again!

h/t: Vanity Fair