Rodrigo Aburto jumped into our lives last June, when he first posted about now-hubby Matteo Lane.

Two months later, Matteo and Rodrigo shared their wedding pics, with both of them dressed to the nines, we may add.

As one of the hottest comics going, we know all about Matteo, who’s also a 2024 Queerties nominee!

But what about Rodrigo?

A lifelong athlete, Rodrigo started dancing when he was three years old. Though he played many sports–tennis, football, soccer, swimming–he developed an affinity for gymnastics. He loved the rhythms of dance and gymnastics, even though his father was originally hesitant about his son becoming a dancer.

You know, gay stereotypes and all.

Despite excelling in math and science, Rodrigo pursued a career in the arts.

“I do have a technical degree, but it’s so friggin’ boring!,” he said. “I need music.”

These days, Rodrigo dances in New York, and coaches fitness as well.

He’s hard to miss…trust us!

Queerty recently caught up with Rodrigo to dish about dance, singlets and his wedding (yes)! Here’s what he had to say…

QUEERTY: For the second straight year, Matteo has been nominated for Comic in the 2024 Queerties Awards! Voting runs through February 22. You guys are invited to the party!

We’re very excited! I think he’s going to LA, so hopefully it’s at the same time, and then it can happen.

What kind of dance are you feeling right now?

I’m doing a lot of hip-hop, reggaeton kind of thing. It’s trending and you can use a lot of your personality. Now that I’m living in New York, I’m like, “They don’t really have a lot of Latin energy that’s sexual.” I’m so used to it. People from Colombia and Venezuela are so used to that kind of energy.

It’s interesting they can do every single move and every kind of step, but they don’t have that kind of vibe. I thought I was going to see it a lot more. But me, I’m going to hug you, I’m going to kiss you like you’re my best friend. And they’re like, “What? I don’t really know you.”

Do you have a dream artist to perform with?

I love this choreographer, Parris [Goebel]. She choreographs a lot of Rihanna’s shows. But more than Rihanna, who I love, working with Paris would be amazing. She creates art. Every single thing she creates is exciting, there’s a lot of energy. So I’ll say that. Rather than choosing an artist, I’ll choose Parris the choreographer.

What are you playing when you work out?

It’s interesting. I do a lot of pop music, but when I’m very into it, I do a lot of classic melodies and piano melodies. It’s about making me feel something. I could be lifting 200 pounds, and I’ll probably be listening to Mozart. It’s weird. I don’t want lyrics. I just want to feel something. 

You posted a great picture of yourself wearing a singlet on Instagram. I wrote a deep dive into singlets last year, and all of the controversial history. What are your thoughts on the polarizing garment?

I am obsessed with them! I think they’re very gay, in a way. They let people look at your body. But also, they’re very masculine, from a sport perspective. They’re very dynamic, they’re easy, they’re stretchy. You can do what you want with them. I was in sports, so you’re used to seeing people naked all the time. In the locker room, as a dancer, we use thongs, jock straps. Without the sexual eye, I’ll say it’s a very smart way to dress a person who’s doing a sport like that. But it’s very hot, too!

We were very excited when we saw your wedding photos with Matteo! Can you tell us more about the wedding?

Our wedding was interesting. We both agreed on doing something as simple as possible. Even our rings, we didn’t want to complicate the whole thing. If you give me a diamond, I’m going to break it; I’m going to lose it. Let’s get something that we can buy again and again and again, not too expensive. 

It was the same idea for the wedding. We just wanted to be gay and interesting, that’s why our outfits were like that. Matteo works at the Comedy Cellar, and they were like, “We’ve got you guys. You don’t have to do anything. We’re going to organize everything.” They’re the best people ever. They got us a cake, they got us presents, they got us people all together. We did nothing

How did you guys meet?

We met through Instagram. He DM’d me, and I was like, “No!” But yeah, we met through Instagram, and he invited me to New York. I was having a whole process with my therapist and was like, “I don’t know, it’s too soon for me. I just got out of another relationship, I’m in my single era. I want to be single for the next 10 years of my life!”

But then she told me, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just go meet him.” So this is my therapist’s fault. I’m here because of her! I was going to tell him I wasn’t in the mood. But then we met, and it was super easy. We loved each other from day one.

I noticed on Instagram you post a lot of fun pictures of Matteo’s butt. What’s your favorite part of Matteo?

His butt, for sure! He knows that. I told him, “I didn’t marry you. I married your butt.” He doesn’t love this answer, but I love his eyes, too. We’re all in love with him!

I have to ask: Chelsea Handler commented on your first picture together and said it was hard to tell which one of you tops. How would you respond to her?

I was like, “That’s so funny, because she would be the top for sure.” I’m obsessed with her. She’s a tough woman, so she would be the top!

But in our relationship, I told [Matteo], “I don’t really like to talk about who’s going to be what. Let’s just feel the vibe and go for things.” We need to live our best sexual life.

I have gotten a lot of homophobia from gay people, at least in Mexico, that if you’re going to be the bottom, that puts you in an emotional situation, you’re going to be fragile. I’m like, “Well, that’s on you, girl.” Go to therapy!

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