Roland Martin, CNN Commenter Suspended For Anti-Gay Tweets, Leaves Network For Good (Finally)

roland martin 2Roland Martin, the CNN commentator suspended by the cable news network after posting homophobic tweets during the 2012 Super Bowl, is packing up and leaving the network for good.

Need help with those boxes, Roland?

In case you forgot, Martin tweeted last January that men who were eager to see David Beckham’s Super Bowl ad should have the “ish” smacked out of them. He also opined that a New England Patriot in a pink suit “needs a visit from #teamwhipdatass.”

But those were hardly the first times Martin insulted the LGBT community: He’s defended Tracy Morgan’s “stab my gay son” joke and, in 2009, he penned an idiotic defense of beauty queen Carrie Prejean’s attack on marriage roland martin tweetequality.  And just in case we weren’t totally nauseated by him, Martin has praised reparative therapy, which his wife practices.

Martin tweeted to a follower today:  “Yes, last day at @cnn is April 6… new boss wants his own peeps,” referring to Former NBC chief Jeff Zucker, who has taken over at the beleaguered channel.

Don’t worry, though—Martin will still be around to denigrate gays somewhere else:  “I have no plan to abandon my goal as a truth teller on a variety of issues,” he clarified. “And, yes, that includes those that may be on the LGBT agenda.”

Oh joy.
h.t.: Towleroad