Veltroni Shows His Teeth

Rome’s Mayor Rips Political Peer Over Anti-Gay Politics

Roman mayor Walter Veltroni won’t be celebrating the new year with party peer Dr. Paola Binetti.

Though the politicians are both members of the new Democratic party, Binetti’s part of the teodem wing, which follows a far more rigid moral path. The aged lawmaker made headlines this week when she endorsed reparative therapy: just one of her anti-gay stands.

Now Binetti’s being ripped by Veltroni for her opposition to non-discrimination legislation:

In an open letter to the newspaper La Stampa Mayor Walter Veltroni chided Dr. Paola Binetti for her resistance against legislation that would bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

“Homosexuality is a human condition,” Veltroni argued in his letter… “and the [DP] is working to recognize the rights of homosexual couples.”

Apparently not everyone.