Romney Advisor Bay Buchanan Speaks At GOProud’s Unity 2012 Event

Yesterday, senior Romney advisor Bay Buchanan—sister of arch-conservative Pat Buchanan—spoke at a conference of gay Republicans in Washington, DC.

Some 60 people came to Unity 2012, an event sponsored by LGBT conservative group GOProud, which in June endorsed Romney in the November election. “He is a courageous, tough leader who’s willing to take this responsibility on and make those tough decisions,” Buchanan said of Romney.

Bay, who has positioned herself as a sort of neo-con single mom, conceded that some of those decisions “are going to offend me, some are going to offend you, and some are going to offend the left. But the job has to get done.”

Metro Weekly reports that, “although the event was organized by GOProud, there was no mention of LGBT issues.”  But GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia said Buchanan’s presence was an important overture from the Romney campaign: “They know that it’s going to take everyone to come together to win in November.”

Excuse us, we have to go take a shower.