Romney Boasts About Being Tough On Gay Marriage


The guy who almost walked in a Gay Pride parade is boasting about being tough on gay marriage?


He’s saying he “fought to have a stay on that decision, then pushed for a marriage amendment to our Constitution”?

This is Mitt Romney talking at today’s CPAC conference? Not a clone?

And I successfully prohibited out-of-state couples from coming to our state to get married and then going home. On my watch, we fought hard and prevented Massachusetts from becoming the Las Vegas of gay marriage.

This is the guy who once said he’d be “better than Ted Kennedy for gay rights“? And now that you mention it, Mr. Romney, Provincetown is totally the Las Vegas of gay marriage.

In other news, failed GOP candidate Michele Bachmann is mumbling some garbage about the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision to call Prop 8 unconstitutional.

It’s amazing, really, what a decisive outcome it was, so it’s interesting, that now you find federal judges trying to undermine the will of the people. That’s what federalism is about, and that’s why you’ll see this case go to the Supreme Court.

It takes two!