Romney Crashes Gay Vet’s Breakfast To Bash Marriage Equality. Anyone Have Some Tums?

Bob Garon was having breakfast at Chez Vachon in Manchester, New Hampshire—just as he does every morning. But today he was interrupted by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was in town getting an endorsement from Manchester mayor Ted Gatsas (at right).

In an awesome twist of fate, Garon happens to be a gay Vietnam vet and was sitting across from his legally wed husband, Bob Lemire, when Romney squeezed into their table. Mitt was trying to ask Garon about his military experiences but the 63-year-old warrior turned the tables and starting quizzing the Mormon candidate on his views about gay marriage and benefits for LGBT service members.

Garon asked if Romney would support repealing the New Hampshire law legalizing gay marriage. The flailing candidate said yes, because “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

As ABC News reports:

Garon responded, clarifying that what that meant was that if Romney is elected he would not support any legislation that would change the law so that gay servicemen would get the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

“I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman,” Romney said. “We apparently disagree on that.”

“It’s good to know how you feel, that you do not believe everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights,” the 63-year-old New Hampshire resident responded.

“No, actually I think at the time the Constitution was written it was pretty clear marriage was between a man and a woman,” Romney said, just as one of his campaign aides chimed in that they had “to get going” to another Fox interview.

“Oh, I guess the question was too hot,” Garon quipped to Romney and his aide.

It’s enough to turn you off your Wheaties.

Image via Ryan Williams

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  • Cam

    Romney said… ““No, actually I think at the time the Constitution was written it was pretty clear marriage was between a man and a woman,”””

    Yes, and at that time it was also pretty clear that women couldn’t vote, and that blacks were not citizens and not considered full people, and that if a widow remarried her new husband automatically became owner of all her property….

    Do I need to go on?

  • Chuck

    You could tell Mitt thought he would score easy points be being all anti-gay since he was talking to an senior vet. Doh! World has turned upside down on you Mitt when prejudice doesn’t score you free points with older military retirees! Mitt mentioning the constitution is pathetic as the constitution also doesn’t give rights for bigamy like Mitt’s grandpa with 4 wives and Mormons didn’t even exist wen the constitution was written.

    Happily and rightfully being anti-gay now is a political liability. Keep at it my LGBT brothers and sisters, stay visible and expose this hatred of the ‘other’ that has festered in Republican politics for generations.

  • Chuck

    What is a Republican to do when good, wholesome prejudice doesn’t score you free political points anymore?

  • TMikel

    Ah, Romney the great prevaricator and waffle iron. The man seems to be unable to comprehend – a common failing of politicians of all parties – that when they travel with the entourage and press followers, everything, EVERYTHING they say once is recorded for all time and may come back to bite them in the ass. Romney has become the king of the flip-flop and his comments exists in many forms to show how he has swung from one side to the other of many issues. Add to that his Mormon cult membership and you get one scary dude hoping to be the leader of this country. We have such myriad choices – the bloodless Obama, the rabid and incoherent Bachmann, the smarmy and intolerant [and not very bright?] Perry, Newt – nuff said, Romney and the others. Cais is gone, but with nearly a year to go, what other scum might rise to the top and command attention?

  • B

    At the time the U/.S. Constitution was written, it didn’t mention marriage at all. It’s the Republicans who have wanted to change that via constitutional amendments. The only thing that will make them see the light is being trounced so badly in elections that they are figuratively seeing stars.

  • Ace

    @B I’m glad someone mentioned that. I’m not American and even I know Marriage isn’t IN the Constitution, period.

  • Joetx

    @B: The U.S. Constitution still doesn’t mention marriage.

  • bagooka

    Romney is such a JERK. Jesus Christ.

  • Steven

    “It’s just my opinion. No need to get heated”.

    This argument makes me cringe every time they throw it around – as if it were some kind of bulletproof shield.

    Yes, I AM going to be passionate about it because I AM being denied rights based on who I am. I am NOT simply going to walk away in the face of bigots who continuously try to prevent EVERY gay person out there from being a full and equal citizen.

    That’s just how it is. You didn’t want to get into an argument with me? Well, I’m afraid that’s too bad.

  • ewe

    Romney “thinks” incorrectly. There is nothing in the constitution detailing marriage as between a man and a woman. Romney is a liar. Romney is obviously and without a doubt not qualified to be president. If Romney does not know by now that the Constitution does not contain such rhetoric then Romney is not worth representing the people. All people of all persuasions should be angry and insulted that a former Governor does not know what the constitution says so long after he has left the position of Governor. Certainly Romney is not a valid choice for US President.

  • ewe

    @Steven: Remember when that silly thing named Herman Cain went around saying that there was no scientific evidence to support people being gay? Whatever the hell that meant. Basically it’s a double standard. But look what happened to the serial sexual harasser that left the race denying it to the end.

  • Chuck

    @ewe: “silly thing named Herman Cain” ROFL and very well said ;)

  • ashton cruz

    @TMikel: Calling Mittens Romney a “Waffle Iron” is an insult to all waffles as well as to all the other crispy delicious breakfast and sometimes dinner treats so take it back. Mitt is not a Waffle iron hes just a piece of shit on the pimply fat ass of humanity.

  • Jake

    @tired of gay lies: Maybe you should stop going to gay related sites then?

  • ewe

    @Chuck: It’s healthy to laugh. I need to every day.

  • ewe

    @tired of gay lies: HEY. BE GONE!!! I am sure you just came here to shit and not flush. You do not speak for America you nut job. Heterosexuals are more sexually deviant on a much greater level than homosexual people you bizarre bible thumping wanker. Gay people don’t give a fuck if you support them you mindless idiot. You are sick to have kids of your own. They are doomed already because you are in their lives. Gay people are tolerating you not the other way around you sniveling piece of dirt. Vets like you do go around chirping about who you murdered. Look at Dick Cheney and George Bush. That is not a complement by the way you infected open sore. Gay people don’t care if anyone like you likes them you KOOK. Fly away and get swatted.

  • ewe

    @tired of gay lies: Stick to the topic fool. Where in the constitution does it state marriage is between a man and a woman? Now go back to Hooters and pretend you’re a man.

  • Chuck

    @tired of gay lies: Mitt is that you? Or is that Miss Tony Perkins busy getting off on one of those horrible gay sights that his wife can’t understand why are always on his web history.

  • Out Military

    Thank you for your service Bob. Irrespective of Mitt Romney’s homophobia, equality still eludes our gay hereos in uniform. Thanks to DOMA legally married same-sex military spouses are denied health insurance, commissary and other base privileges, housing allowance, etc. as compared with their opposite-sex married counterparts. For those interested – has been providing a supportive environment for friending, sharing and networking between Gay active military, vets and supporters since December, 2010.

  • Joe Schmoe

    At the time the Constitution was written . . .

    Slavery was acceptable!
    Debtors prisons were acceptable!
    Sufferage was limited to male property owners!

    Get with it, you lousy bigot!

  • Panserbjorne

    I’d love to say what I think about a man who would tell a Vietnam vet he “disagrees” with his Constitutional rights, but Queerty’s editors oppose mean, abusive language used against homophobes and bigots. Not sure why that’s so, but if my response to Romney’s outrageous behavior and audacity is supposed to be “tsk, tsk”…well, I’d rather say nothing at all.

  • jeremy

    Im pretty sure when the constitution was written it was understood that jesus never came to america but the mormons dont seem to have any problem thinking outside the box on that one

  • TMikel

    Well, first, I meant it as a joke and a reference to his constant making of waffling statements, erg, a waffle iron or maker of waffles, and second, I love waffles and make mine with my 28 year old sour dough starter. Crispy things are good for breakfast and personally, I consider Mittens toast when it comes to aspirations to be president – does that use of a word offend you?

  • Charles

    True, the US Constitution doesn’t mention any specific cases such as the colour of the skin or women and voting. In fact it shouldn’t directly have within its writ, ANY specifically named discriminatory situation at all. Neither should their ever be added an amendment that clearly creates a form of discrimination either. In this and standing on its own, the US Constitution is (and should remain) case neutral and thus remain the proverbial great umpire for anything that comes to court. In this the US Constituting is the great equalizer for any and everything brought before it.

  • Dan

    Romney just argued for his Mormon cult to not have any constitutional protections whatsoever, since Mormonism was concocted after the U.S. Constitution was created so it would not be recognized under his argument. It was clear the founders did not have Mormonism in mind when it came to any constitional protections whatsoever since the cult created by American traitor Joeseph Smith (who killed his own followers and was executed for it) came into being well after the constitution. What an idiot.

  • Mike

    I agree with everyone that the stated how many other things have been changed since the days of the constitution. I think Romney is dead wrong on his view, but this story didn’t sound like he crashed to bash, sounds like he was asked a question, and answered (incorrectly) although i think the headline IS a bit off. Also just so everyone knows I’m not supporting Romney.

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