Romney Crashes Gay Vet’s Breakfast To Bash Marriage Equality. Anyone Have Some Tums?

Bob Garon was having breakfast at Chez Vachon in Manchester, New Hampshire—just as he does every morning. But today he was interrupted by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who was in town getting an endorsement from Manchester mayor Ted Gatsas (at right).

In an awesome twist of fate, Garon happens to be a gay Vietnam vet and was sitting across from his legally wed husband, Bob Lemire, when Romney squeezed into their table. Mitt was trying to ask Garon about his military experiences but the 63-year-old warrior turned the tables and starting quizzing the Mormon candidate on his views about gay marriage and benefits for LGBT service members.

Garon asked if Romney would support repealing the New Hampshire law legalizing gay marriage. The flailing candidate said yes, because “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

As ABC News reports:

Garon responded, clarifying that what that meant was that if Romney is elected he would not support any legislation that would change the law so that gay servicemen would get the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

“I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman,” Romney said. “We apparently disagree on that.”

“It’s good to know how you feel, that you do not believe everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights,” the 63-year-old New Hampshire resident responded.

“No, actually I think at the time the Constitution was written it was pretty clear marriage was between a man and a woman,” Romney said, just as one of his campaign aides chimed in that they had “to get going” to another Fox interview.

“Oh, I guess the question was too hot,” Garon quipped to Romney and his aide.

It’s enough to turn you off your Wheaties.

Image via Ryan Williams