Romney-Shilling Tabloid “MittZine” Rehashes Angelina’s Rift With Brad’s Mom

If your Sunday newspaper featured a glossy insert with profiles, human-interest stories and celebrity gossip, it wasn’t Parade, it was MittZine, a political ad disguised as a general-interest magazine.

This weekend, readers of newspapers in key swing states got a copy of the  12-page magazine, which was created by a pro-Romney super PAC and included tabloid-style healdines like “How Brad and Angie are Helping Mitt Win!”

Huh? Are Brangelina switching horses this late in the race?

No, not quite: The piece rehashes old news about Brad Pitt’s mom writing a letter to her local newspaper bashing President Obama’s support of marriage equality—and Jolie’s dad, Midnight Cowboy actor Jon Voight coming to Mother Pitt’s defense.

“Gossip mags say Angie complained to Brad about his mother’s outspoken conservatism,” reports MittZine, 4.5 million copies of which were printed. “[Mr.] Voight has defended Mrs. Pitt’s right to speak her mind, and attacked the media for unduly criticizing a ‘very honorable and intelligent’ Mitt Romney.”

So an endorsement from her estranged has-been father equals Jolie “helping” the Romney campaign? That must be the same logic that claims you can balance the budget without raising taxes.

The publication also “dishes” on how the White House dissed Oprah when she asked to help with Michelle Obama’s healthy-kids initiative. “When Oprah offered a TV program to aid Michele’s [sic] fight against childhood obesity, Oprah received a curt reply: ‘This wouldn’t fit into the First Lady’s plans.”

There are also stories praising VP Paul Ryan and one about Romney helping passengers in a sinking yacht years ago. (What, does he plan to dismantle the Coast Guard too?)

MittZine was produced by Ending Spending Action Fund, a pro-Romney super PAC run by Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts. Funny name for a PAC, considering Ricketts spent $12 million on the fund—including more than $1 million on MittZine alone.

Doesn’t he know paper is dead?