Aide Celebrates Candidate's "Courage"

Romney Takes Swipe At Log Cabin Reps.

Mitt Romney and his campaign staff do not appreciate the Log Cabin Republican’s anti-Mitt advert.

After viewing the commercial – which blasts the presidential candidates capricious positions on gun control and abortion policies – Romney aide Kevin Madden barked:

As Governor Romney has repeatedly made clear, like many other Republicans including Ronald Reagan, he wasn’t always pro-life. Governor Romney has said he was wrong and hopes he never stops learning from his mistakes or trying to do what’s right.

This personal, negative attack was launched and paid for by a group recognized as having Mayor Giuliani as their ‘favorite’ candidate. Governor Romney supports a federal marriage amendment and so it makes sense that a national gay rights group would attack him. The advertisement misrepresents Governor Romney’s courage to admit that he had been wrong on this issue and the fact that he is proud of his strong record of defending the sanctity of life.

Romney’s “courage”? Um, right. We don’t think “courage” when we reflect on Romney’s repeated flip-flops. Rather, we think “patronizing,” “lying” and “despicable”. But that’s just us…

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  • whatworks75

    I find it absolutely amusing how the “flip flop” moniker stuck to John Kerry and now that a Republican is accused of flip flopping it’s now just chalked up to “continuous growth.” Gotta love those Republicans!

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Isn’t Mitt a fruit? that was always our impressia.

  • Dawster

    Mitt is not a fruit… he’s mormon (makes him more of a nut).

  • leomoore

    He is someone who will say whatever he thinks will win the current election. If he wins the nomination, he won’t hesitate to change his mind on one or more of his strongly stated positions. Like most every Republican running for any office, he as not sense of right and wrong, only an attraction to power.

    As for the earlier quip about “gotta love those Republicans”. It was said as a bit of irony, but my literal response is “I don’t love Republicans”. They have devolved into a ranting, motley colleoction of reactionaries and fascists. They prefer authoritarian government.

  • DavidDust

    I agree with leomoore – Romney doesn’t have ideals, he has only one goal – to get elected president. He will obviously say and/or do ANYTHING to try and make that happen. Good luck asshole!

  • Bill Perdue

    The Log Cabin Republicans are frantic to appear relevant both to their party, run by conservative bigoted filth, and to our community. That’s a tall order. They’re hopeful that by going after Romney they can somehow slip and slide through the sewer of Republican politics and come out clean on the other end.

    Romney is doing very badly so far. In spite of contributing tens of millions to his own campaign he’s been slipping for weeks. (WWW dot pollster dot com) And the same charges that LCR indicts Romney for, reversing himself on GLBT rights and women’s absolute right to an abortion apply to most politicians in the twin parties, including the Clintons (DOMA and DADT). They all do and say what’s necessary to get elected.

    The other problem with Log Cabins focus is that it leaves the other Republicans and Democrats in the shadows when we should be remorselessly examining all of them in the glare of searchlights.

    None of them are worthy of a second glance. Giuliani does his mad dance of one step forward and three steps backwards on GLBT questions. Brownback is a brownshirt. Thompson is a Reagan Wannabe. McCain is a sociopath who helped bomb civilians in Vietnam, wants to preside over Bush’s genocide in Iraq (and soon Iran) and who promises that against prisoners will get harsher when he gets in. And Huckabee is, well, he’s just another slick, gutless, treacherous politician from Arkansas. What else needs to be said?

    The Log Cabin Republicans, like HRC and the Stonewall Democrats are front groups for rightist and centrist parties. They provide cover for them but are marginalized and overlooked. Hence their desperation to appear relevant.

  • ProfessorVP

    Willard Romney is just insubstantial and empty enough to win the nomination. A mere 6 months ago, I never thought I’d even entertain such a thought.

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