Romney Taps Openly Gay Ex-Bush Spokesperson To Speak On Foreign Policy, National Security

Out spokesperson Richard Grenell has been tapped by the Romney campaign to be their go-to spokesperson on matters of foreign policy and national security, reports Metro Weekly.

Grenell previously served as a spokesperson for the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. during most of the Bush administration. He told The Advocate in 2008 that he and his partner (now of 10 years) Matt Lashey considered themselves married and would do so as soon as same-sex unions were legalized in New York State, though we couldn’t dig up any reports saying whether they’d actually tied the know after it passed last year.

Metro Weekly reminds us that though Grenell served a generally anti-gay administration, he did do his best to assert some rights as a gay man, particularly when it came to his dear partner Matt:

At the end of Grenell’s service in the Bush administration, he took a notable whack at the administration, telling The Advocate‘s Kerry Eleveld of his effort to have his partner, Matt Lashey, listed in the United Nations’ Blue Book, which is “a reference guide of contact information for different member states of the United Nations as well as diplomatic personnel and their spouses.”

Grenell had attempted to have Lashey’s name added several times, to no avail. He told The Advocate back in 2008, “What put me over the edge was a friend and colleague who met her spouse after I was already with my partner—they got married and subsequently were put into the Blue Book in a matter of days.”

The State Department eventually told him that the Defense of Marriage Act prevented the listing. Although he protested the decision behind the scenes, Lashey’s name was not ever added, which led to his coming forward to criticize the treatement publicly as he left his post.

What do you guys think of this homocon? He seems a hell of a lot better than fellow gay GOPers Ken Mehlman and Kathryn Lehman, both of whom actively worked against gay rights. But Grenell still served a tremendously anti-gay administration, and for some people that is unforgivable.