Fmr. NYC Mayor Most Like NY Senator

Romney Uses Gays Against Giuliani

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign continues to use gays as a divisive tool. Seeing his ever-important Iowa numbers dwindling, the flip-flopping former Governor again tooted his traditional horn.

Mormon Mitt first said that the Republicans must nominate someone “who can distinguish himself on family values” from Democrat Hillary Clinton In addition to advising his GOP peers, Romney took aim at Rudy Giuliani:

I believe it’s important for someone to be pro-life, to be pro-family and pro-traditional marriage, to be in favor of legal immigration but against illegal immigration and to have a record of insisting on the highest ethical standards, and I’m afraid that on all four of those measures that Mayor Giuliani would be the wrong course for our party. He is in the same position as Hillary Clinton on life and on marriage and on the ethical history of his administration, and also on sanctuary cities and immigration policy.

Giuliani replied by questioning Romney’s gubernatorial accomplishments and, of course, celebrating his own mayoral track record: “I can certainly make the claim quite accurately at being the most successful at reducing crime of any mayor in the country, probably in history.” Giuliani did not, however, explain how he dealt with all the homeless people and drug addicts, a massive disappearance that remains one of the greatest mysteries in history.