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Ron Palillo Of “Welcome Back, Kotter” Fame Passes Away At 63

Ron Palillo, aka Arnold Horshack from the classic 70s sitcom that launched John Travolta’s closet career, Welcome Back, Kotter, has died at age 63. He is survived by his partner of 41 years, retired actor Joseph Gramm.

According to TMZ, Palillo was found by Gramm at around 4 am at their home near Palm Springs, FL. Gramm called for an ambulance and Pallilo was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead of an apparent heart attack.

In addition to Kotter, Palillo was a guest star on Ellen Degeneres‘ groudbreaking 90s sitcom, where he also served as script supervisor. Palillo is the second Sweathog to die this year, as Robert “Epstein” Hegyes passed away in January, also from a heart attack.