Ron Paul’s Anti-Gay Letters Didn’t Write Themselves

Libertarian Ron Paul isn’t being very liberal with the truth.

The Republican presidential candidate denies knowledge of anti-gay newsletters sent in his name during the 80s and 90s. Paul also claims not to know who penned to offensive pieces, including notes which references a “limp-wristed” homo-journo. James Kirchick has discovered, however, that Paul and his cohorts not only know who wrote the newsletters, but seemed poised to reveal his identity: Paul’s former chief of staff Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

…[Last] Wednesday, I spoke with Tom Lizardo, Paul’s congressional chief of staff. He now says that Paul was prepared to finger Rockwell in anticipation of “Angry White Man.” Lizardo says that last week–either on Monday or Tuesday–Paul and [spokesman Jesse] Benton agreed that the campaign would release a statement acknowledging that Rockwell was a principal in the production of the newsletters. The statement was drafted by Benton and approved by Paul himself, Lizardo told me. Shortly before Paul was about to go public, however, Lizardo says Kent Snyder, the campaign’s chairman, stepped in and “stopped the outing of Rockwell’s involvement.”

Paul then went to the press saying he hadn’t the foggiest how those letters were produced. Kirchick rightly wonders, then:

If Paul was prepared to name Rockwell as having a principal role in the production of the newsletter on Monday or Tuesday of last week, how could he have told Blitzer on Thursday that he “absolutely honestly” did not know who the responsible parties could be?

Oh, we know! He lied!