Ronnie Kroell, Playgirl‘s Most Fashion-y Nude Spread

It took model Ronnie Kroell three months of weighing the pros and cons of posing naked — and hard — for Playgirl. But he went ahead with it, and the first set of photos will pop up on on May 15. The only way Kroell agreed to the shoot, however, was if his camp got to steer the project.

Magazines generally hate giving up editorial control; that’s why a Vogue photo shoot costs $300,000, because even the photographer’s assistant’s assistant is hand picked. Then there are tabloid mags, which commission a paparazzi agency to snap Kim Kardashian doing whatever it is she does. As Kroell tells it, Playgirl agreed to his terms.

At the time, upon initial contact, it wasn’t really something I saw myself doing. It took me about three months to get to ‘yes’ as a decision. I’m really happy and it was really a fun experience for me because Playgirl immediately saw upon meeting me the artistic vision that I had and what I really wanted to do. The Playgirl people allowed me to share creative control in the process, which allowed me to bring in a high-fashion photographer, and a full fashion team. So on May 15 on the first 15-20 photos will be released then the actual print edition will come out June 15. It was quite a fun time, we shot at the Grace Hotel in New York City and it was all high fashion. There are a lot of surprises and I feel it will take Playgirl to a whole new level.

Indeed it will, if that whole new level is “actually appearing in print.”