Entertainer Not Feeling Oprah's Political Rationale

Roseanne Still Blasting…

Roseanne Barr knows a good thing when she sees it!

The comedienne received such widespread press for her recent harangue against “Barak” Obama and Oprah, that she decided to take another stab at sociopolitical commentary. This time Barr takes on Oprah’s apparent crime against Hillary Clinton:

oprah winfrey has refused to do a show with the FIRST WOMAN candidate for President who has EVER won a primary election, in the history of the United States of America.

I saw Hilary on the ridiculous tyra banks’ show, and fumed. Hilary deserves to have been able to address the huge female demographic that Oprah’s billions came from. How very disgusting, and how very very telling!!

Maybe if Hilary was discussing her fat thighs Oprah would have had her on. Oprah doesn’t really seem to respect the intelligence of her audience at all.

Or, more likely, Oprah realized it would be disingenuous to (very publicly) endorse a candidate and then host a competitor.

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  • emb

    No, not disingenuous at all. It’s called being socially responsible, and not being a pig. Oprah has great pretense about being socially responsible, but by snubbing Hillary she’s being a pig — “I’ve made my choice and no one else gets to use my platform.” It’d be sorta scary dictatorial and arbitrary if it weren’t her private property to do with what she wishes, but hell, even newspapers tend to interview candidates they don’t endorse–has to do with treating their audience like thinking human beings.

    But I suppose that if you’ve learned that your audience becomes orgasmic if you tell them there’s a four-slice toaster under their chairs, you pretty much stop thinking of them as thinking human beings.

  • todd

    Oprah is a weirdo shut-in who never leaves her Michigan Avenue Gilded cage. She’s out of touch with ordinary people. She’s made billions pimping the latest feel-good quick fixes to upper middle class women. She’s a snake oil saleswoman!

    Back in her I Love Texas days she pimped out Dr. Phil and G.W. She’s a fraud. GO ROSEANNE!!!!

  • spunkbox

    Yay Roseanne!!!!!! Fuck Oprah and her tired ass fake hair.

  • Billie

    Fuck fugly Roseanne, and fuck fugly Hillary. White bitches have no right to demand that ANY black woman cater to their endless senses of entitlement.
    Oprah owes Hillary not a goddamned thing, particularly after all that racist shit she and her tawdry man have been spewing.
    Bitches, please.

  • Terry

    It’s obvious who the Hillary supporters are. No, it’s not their terrible comments…it’s their belief that people can’t make their own choices (socialism). Oprah doesn’t owe anyone anything–Hillary doesn’t either. It’s HER show and SHE calls the shots.

  • logan767

    I love Roseanne! And Hillary.

  • Nitesurf

    I can’t imagine Oprah losing sleep over what that tired has-been Roseanne is saying about her. These comments will have absolutely no impact on Oprah, nor should they.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Roseanne is off her rocker, Oprah is as big as a Brick House, Hillary is wearing the pants, Bill is not Black enough that he can be passed up by a cab in New York, Barack is skirting the issues and poor white John just pulled out a plum from a pie. So far, TEAM HILLARY has emb, todd, spunkbox, Bitch Republic and logan676 and TEAM BARACK has Billie using racist and sexist epiteths accusing others of racism, Terry is an Oprahfile and Nitesmurf thinks Oprah is running. Seitan-On-A-Stick asks can’t we all get along with a Hillary/Obama ticket now! In less than 3 weeks, this will ALL be decided and Hillary will be Queen, Barack will be MLK, Bill will be (black?)again and Oprah will be beloved by America(again) This IS ugly but this is a smackdown for the leadership of the FREE world and the GOP pack haven’t even left Hades yet. The corporate media is driving the divisions for revenue and ratings and stokes the fires of division using race and gender. On paper, Kucinich really is the best for Gays but this is AMERICAN IDOL: Obama V Clinton Smackdown. We’ll all get over it or suffer the consequences…

  • fabianlander

    if you thougt these will impact her election battle,you thought the thing simply. i have change idea with my friends on gaysinglehunt.com
    .their opinion surprised me. you should visit them and take their opinion into consideration

  • hisurfer

    I agree, Oprah doesn’t need to do anything, and doesn’t owe any candidate anything. Still, this: “Maybe if Hilary was discussing her fat thighs Oprah would have had her on” is a pretty great smack down.

  • zeami99

    Oprah not owing anybody anything, and retaining every right to her own ways – doesn’t save her from being a hypocrite. Her treatment of Hillary is hypocritical. She is a hypocrite who doesn’t owe anybody anything. She is a hypocrite with her right to her own opinion.

    I don’t know anybody who owes no one anything.

  • Scott Berwitz

    I love how the discussion became about how Oprah doesn’t respect her audience or do anything right. I would guess that half the posters who said something of the like normally would have only positive things to say about her, but can’t help siding with a crazy, rich bitch (who is not a friend of the gay community) in the middle of a tantrum. I don’t get the attraction there.

    Hillary does deserve a shot at Oprah…but who is to say it hasn’t been attempted? Has Oprah banned her from the show? Have they been trying to schedule a time but have been unable to due to Hillary’s non-stop CAMPAIGN schedule? I doubt Roseanne took on the responsibility to check these things out before opening up her ignorant, big mouth and accusing Oprah of everything she could think of.

  • Jonathan

    Roseanne is absolutely right.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Berwitz is projectile vomiting about what other people are thinking. Oprah rolls out so many “Men On The Down Low” stories turning Same-gender loving men into the “Bogeyman”, flaunts her effeminate “Yes-Mam” Gay hairdresser Reggie as her being gay-tolerant and responds in hostility to her and her much nicer friend Gayle King (see their Road trip episode as Oprah was so Nasty to her best friend) lesbian rumor (which was obviously made up) but does not even say anything like “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” We will see how Gay-friendly her media network O.W.N is. Don’t hold your breath, folks. Roseanne had some articulate valid points but she’s also a big-mouth firebrand herself. Oprah and her legions can’t stand criticism (remember the Letterman feud?) for a show that is so tired, playing it safe for the Bank accounts of the Corporate Advertisers and the Big “O” with so much going on in Black America. I like Roseanne’s courage more than her conviction for standing up to the Establishment.

  • Nate

    your choosing such a picture exposes your transparent agenda, no different than all other media. you can’t be fags – we’re smarter, more graceful. how disappointing.

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