Entertainer Not Feeling Oprah's Political Rationale

Roseanne Still Blasting…

Roseanne Barr knows a good thing when she sees it!

The comedienne received such widespread press for her recent harangue against “Barak” Obama and Oprah, that she decided to take another stab at sociopolitical commentary. This time Barr takes on Oprah’s apparent crime against Hillary Clinton:

oprah winfrey has refused to do a show with the FIRST WOMAN candidate for President who has EVER won a primary election, in the history of the United States of America.

I saw Hilary on the ridiculous tyra banks’ show, and fumed. Hilary deserves to have been able to address the huge female demographic that Oprah’s billions came from. How very disgusting, and how very very telling!!

Maybe if Hilary was discussing her fat thighs Oprah would have had her on. Oprah doesn’t really seem to respect the intelligence of her audience at all.

Or, more likely, Oprah realized it would be disingenuous to (very publicly) endorse a candidate and then host a competitor.