Rosie: A Very Special (and Frightening) View


We’re not big into talk shows, particularly when they involve middle-aged women yacking over each other, but we couldn’t resist tuning in to The View for uber-lesbo Rosie O’Donnell’s take over after the ouster of Star Jones.

So far we’ve seen her dispense toilet-training tips and discuss how she takes baths with her kids. Apparently bath time’s a great time to discuss the important life topics. Sample question: “Mommy, when am I getting my fur?”

The idea of Rosie taking a bath with her child and discussing her bush brings new meaning to the word “disturbing.”

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  • CandyMan

    Queerty, give the woman a break! Anytime any gay person is on TV and is doing well we should celebrate it! Rosie has done so much for children over the years and she is pushing the envelope for gays everyday in her own small way…. just watch ;)

  • Kamasutra Jones

    I couldn’t disagree with CandyMan (above) more. Yeah, she’s a gay person on TV. But, personally, I find her to be a disgrace. She’s loud, boorish, obnoxious, self-aggrandising, egotistical, and plain boring despite all of that. I wish she’d shut the hell up. Or, someone would put a potato in her mouth. If Baba Wawa wanted to hire a lesbian for cohost, she could have found someone better than Rosie. How about Cherry Jones or Kate Clinton as cohost? Now THAT would have been much more interesting…

  • proud queer

    I also agree with the first two posts – she did spendidly – if you only tuned in to tear her apart – grow the fuck up.

  • RJ

    Kate Clinton would have been a wonderful choice! While it might be disturbing to think about Rosie’s bush, don’t all children ask their parents about body hair and when they will get it?

  • Marty

    More gays on television is always a great thing. Rosie O’Donnell is NOT one of my favorite people however. She is abrasive and obnoxious and aggressive.



  • matias

    the problem with this post is that you are perpetuating both the misogyny and homophobia toward lesbian women that gay men like myself have to defend when people read such ill-informed ignorant bull. fyi… rosie did not replace star jones, but meredith vieira… but i suppose that was the chick you meant, right?

  • shoshana

    Okay, okay, everyone. RELAX! It’s just TV and in case no one’s noticed….TV – even the Baba Wawa kind – is about ratings. I’m sure Cherry Jones or Kate Clinton would have been very good at ‘chatting’ (in a benign kinda way, mind you), but Ms. Wawa is interested in RATINGS. Rosie will deliver. Like her or not, she’ll get people watching. This isn’t about gay rights…this is about a lousy TV show. I say, good for Rosie! Whatever.

  • Nick

    I’m with you, Matias. Not that there aren’t scads of other gay guys ripping on lesbians all the time, but this new Andrew character seems to be so obsessed with snark that he can’t write a single article without giving it a bitchy, sophomoric slant. (Andrew, are you listening?)

  • Dave

    I thought Barbara Walters was going to burst into flames at that moment.

  • Big Tony

    I would rather see Rosie on TV than Carson from Queer Eye! What a disgrace he is!

  • Peter Whitman

    Give Rosie a break. I think she’s a great person and she’s done a lot of good things for a lot of people.

  • Kamasutra Jones

    I’m confused. What in Andrew’s original post is anti-lesbian? And, he didn’t say that she replaced Star. He said she’s taking over after Star’s ouster. And she is. Don’t be surprised if you see the other’s revolt against her in the very near future. AND, what good things has she done for people? Really?

  • Bent Yellow Boy

    Kamasutra, I guess you missed the memo on Rosie’s six years of intensive fundraising for a wide variety of charities, especially children’s charities. Or how she got major corporations to start full scholarship funds for inner-city teenagers hoping to go to college. Or her energetic championing of New York theatre, arguably increasing national awareness of Broadway and what NYC has to offer.

  • Martini-boy

    Although her personality may be annoying to some, she’s sure doing a hell lot more than Lance Bass is at the moment. From what I know, she didn’t outright oppose becoming an icon for gay equality.

    And for all those immature people out there: there’s nothing wrong with women speaking about – or even acknowledging the fact that they have – a bush. Everyone has it (well, almost everyone), and hers is just as human as anyone else’s. The body is a wonderful thing.

  • Nick

    Martini-boy…right on, sweetie. :)

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