New Books Reignite Old Fight

Rosie and Trump Just Can’t Quit

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bookstore… Page Six reports that Rosie O’Donnell’s new book rehashes her old feud with real estate tycoon Donald Trump. The former View co-host apparently spills some ink to take on Trump’s Miss USA, Tara Connor, who was caught drinking underage and tested positive for cocaine.

It is Trump’s falseness that angers me more than anything …I spoke my mind. People found it funny.

I honestly did not anticipate the malice of his response…I assumed Donald believed he had money. I did not assume Donald believed he was money. But apparently he does…The stuffing of his self spilled out – think of a torn scarecrow, only instead of hay, it’s crisp $100 bills blowing through the cornfields.

O’Donnell also allegedly describes Trump as a “slug”.

An ABC rep, meanwhile, had some harsh words for O’Donnell and her fragile state of mind: “This is the work of a deeply disturbed woman, page after page of insane ramblings. Ultimately, it’s sad and pathetic.”

Don’t worry, Trump’s just as pathetic: his new book also addresses the feud. These kids just don’t know when the let up!