Makes Us Reconsider Evil Ways

Rosie Forces Children To Be Happy About Living Dreams

We try to stay as emotionless and inhuman as possible. And, more than anything else, we avoid doing good.

Community service destroys lives – and it’s terrible for one’s complexion. Rosie O’Donnell no doubt knows all these things, yet she continues to pull on our heart strings by imploring us to spread the word about the Maravel Arts Center, a “vibrant state-of-the-art rehearsal space where NYC public school students can study musical theater in the heart of New York’s theater district.”
Apparently Rosie’s trying to help kids harness their talent and passion, or something. And, judging from this handwritten note she’s peddling around – penned by the scamp pictured here – kids actually enjoy living their dreams. Who knew? We thought they only enjoyed sapping our planet’s precious resources and guaranteeing one less spot on the subway for our tired bottoms.

If you’re interested in making a kid’s dreams come true – heaven forbid! – then click on over and make a donation. Then some other kid will be forced to pen a thank you note, which will then be circulated to make shit heads like us feel guilty for being so apathetic.