Rosie: I Still Love Barbara Walters

Rosie O’Donnell pranced over to The Today Show to discuss with Meredith Viera her upcoming (and ill-advised) variety show that is scheduled to torment your television sets this week. Naturally, the two former View moderators discussed Rosie’s latest feud with Barbara Walters, which is likely not going to end anytime soon seeing as how Ro just can’t keep her mouth shut.


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  • el polacko

    this cow needs to move on. her stint on the view was a JOB.. baba owes her nothing but her paycheck, she didn’t want to marry her. speaking of which, the same ‘rosie-gay leader’ who muscled her way into frisco’s city hall weddings for a photo-op gave not one penny to the no on 8 campaign, so screw her.

  • Leland Frances

    As someone who’s often defended her [and I still think there’s a lot of looksism/sexism involved in criticism of her], I was stunned that there appears to be no record of her having given any of her millions to defeat Prop H8TE.

    All the worse because she told SF Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2004, the day she and Kelli married in SF, that if he EVER needed her, she’d be there, and THEN was rude to people who asked her on her blog why she wasn’t giving anything.

    NOT a well woman, and she needs an wake up call—like NO ONE watching her show.

  • Dave

    I still LIKE Rosie a lot no matter what. So she got opinions, who doesn’t? I think Baba Wawa is full of it…she is a fake little, old lonely pathetic lady. Look how many failed marriages she has had, and she has fired 2 hosts of the view. Baba Wawa is no saint.

  • Okie

    Rosie pranced?

  • rob


  • GranDiva

    How quickly we forget Debbie Matenopolous. Not like she doesn’t deserve it.

  • Tony

    She’s so funny and real. Screw all you haters.

  • chuck


    The religious right just voted our rights away…and we’re the haters?

    That’s just plan fucked-up thinking.

  • Michael vdB

    Just because one group caused hate doesn’t give anyone else the right to hate in return.

  • Alexa

    I love Rosie, faults and all, and I can’t wait to see her special. And she has some great guests.

  • Cam

    Of COURSE she said something, she hasn’t been in the news, and she knows this is the only way anybody would report on her. Hey Rosie, you are yesterdays news…in fact, you are yesterday’s Bad news.

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