Rosie is Sad she has SAD

The View may be the world’s biggest soap opera. One day we have Elisabeth Hasselbeck allegedly quitting and the next we have Rosie O’Donnell disclosing that, yes, she’s been treated for depression.

It all started back when those crazy Columbine kids decided to take their peers’ lives:

I couldn’t stop crying. I stayed in my room. The lights were off. I couldn’t get out of bed and that’s when I started taking medication.

In addition to her post-traumatic depression, O’Donnell apparently suffers from seasonal affective disorder – you know, when you get all distraught over the short, gloomy winter days. This, of course, begs the question: who doesn’t suffer from SAD?

Not only does Rosie pump herself full of pills, she also practices “inversion therapy” in which she hangs upside down for about 30 minutes a day. The therapy’s most commonly used for back pain, which makes it sort of an odd choice for someone with depression. Although, at least that way her frown looks like a smile…

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  • BeeDee

    I don’t know who posts all these unfriendly and unflattering Rosie O’Donnell pieces, but – yawn – you’re so boring -and you’re boring the hell out of the readers. Move on already… you must have a fetish for some other lesbians, eh?

  • Tom

    Is there anyone on the face of the earth that actually cares what this woman says?
    Barbara Walters should feel ashamed that she’s subjected the public to Rosie O’Donnell’s daily blathering idiocy.

  • el polacko

    rosie is a moron and i’m sick of her spouting off as though she’s the authority on all things gay. i know ratings are actually up for the view, but i still can’t help thinking that all this ‘bad publicity’ is going to eventually boomerang and destroy the show… not that that would be such a great loss.

  • Mike

    Inversions are frequently used in yoga to treat both depression and to stimulate the immune system. It’s not that unheard of. Do some research.

  • Realist

    As for Rosie’s latest comments about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (sp?), she’s right. If you torture someone long enough they’ll “confess” to having planned Napolean’s invasion of Russia. This is soon before this individual is to have not an open trial but a closed military tribunal. Funny how this supposed “confession” news is based upon not something videotaped and shown on the “news” but a written transcript from the DoD. The same DoD that claimed Pat Tillman was cut down while charging up a hill in the teeth of Taliban machine-gun fire when he was behind a boulder and shot by friendly fire from trigger-happy Army Rangers. The same DoD that every time a helicopter gets shot down in Iraq or Afghanistan they always say it made an “emergency landing” after suffering “mechanical problems”. (The same DoD that still claims Agent Orange and depleted uranium aren’t harmful). Anyone who takes them at their word has rocks in their head.

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