Rosie O’Donnell Has Never Met Lesbians Like The Lesbians of The Real L Word

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I’ve never met gay women like this. And they scare me a little bit. They do, [I’m] a little frightened.

—Rosie O’Donnell waits until after The Real L Word‘s strap-on episode to weigh in on the Showtime reality show. Perhaps these gals will appear on Rosie’s new OWN show.

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  • jason

    These “lesbians” are products of male heterosexual fantasy. They’re man-pleasing doormats, also referred to as Uncle Tom dykes. Their devotion to the GLBT cause is phony. Ilene Chaikin – or whatever her fucking name is – is a turd who should be drummed out of the television industry.

  • N

    Goddamn it, Jason.

  • L.

    Neither have I.

    But then again, I don’t live in sunny California, and I’m more Z-list than A-list, so who knows.

  • SouLKid

    There is nothing REAL about the Real L Word. I can’t believe im saying this but i somewhat agree with Jason.

  • [email protected]

    Uncle Tom Dykes? Really. Jason, you should really make more of an effort.

    I was thinking more of “guido-dykes.” Or “douche-dykes.”

  • adman

    Wow, a completely compelling trainwreck, to be sure…Our surrogates in Vancouver were telling me about this recently, with the exact same sentiments that Rosie has. MUST WATCH, sorry but I’m a victim of the Hollywood hype, it seems. As a gay man I am intimidated by women, honestly, they are so like, independent and you know, mouthy and stuff, lol. But seeing it fetishized so straight men can be down while the actors, (erm, I mean reality show subjects) know this? Damn, TV done one upped us, it seems.

  • M

    I’m a lesbian and it’s the most staged shit I’ve seen. Then again, what reality show isn’t staged?

    I liked the original L Word, but I knew that it wasn’t meant to be realistic; it was fun getting into the minds and lives of characters, but it certainly doesn’t represent the lesbian community. Same with Queer as Folk. I love that show to pieces, but it’s a soap opera.

    Those two shows weren’t meant to be realistic, though. This one is – it’s supposed to be a ~glimpse into the mind of dykes, while catering to the male demographic. That’s what’s annoying.

  • Syl

    Never seen Real L-Word, but I’m assuming it is as fake as any “reality” show.

  • missantrope

    Fuck you Jason you misogynist asshole. Do us a favor and go eat a bullet.

  • drums

    I’ve never met a native tribesman of the Amazon either, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe they exist or that I’m afraid of them. The world is diverse and full of people who don’t live exactly like you. Just because you don’t agree with their lifestyle doesn’t mean their lifestyle isn’t legitimate. The lesbian community, of all communities, should understand this. So what if those women live really superficial lives? Maybe that’s how they like to live and act. No one’s FORCING you to watch them.

  • Jen

    Now, I can’t/don’t identify with the women on the The Real L Word. They’re nothing like myself or my girlfriend, or any of the gay women that I’ve met. Then again, given the social circles we run in and the fact that we live in New England DOES have an affect on that. Before people get too critical of the show, they should remember that these women do live in California (it’s Hollywood or L.A. or something, right?) and work in some of kind of show business (correct me if I’m wrong). Given that, is it entirely out of the realm of possibility that REALLY is their lives, albeit entirely alien to folks like me? I think it’s pretty simple… if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  • WalkderDC

    Well I think comparing these lesbians to actually people would be like wasthing any of the Real Housewives shows and being surprised that they are not like any real people you’ve met.

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