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Rosie O’Donnell + Kelli Carpenter Had a Great Sex Life, Thanks For Asking


What, you don’t want to know about Rosie and Kelli’s intimate bedroom activities? Too bad. That’s the only thing worth talking about on The Howard Stern Show.

Once again confirming they’re splitting — hey, it’s good press to promote her new 2-hour Sirius radio show Rosie Radio — Rosie let this one fly: “Kelli and I had a lot of issues and sex wasn’t one of them.”

This is, in fact, great to hear. Because while bigots will use Rosie’s split as evidence why gay relationships are unstable, we can throw this one back in their faces: well at least we’re having sex!

But it all wasn’t X-rated talk: “We will stay a family. The children are the priority. We both continue to parent them and will continue to parent them. I never expected to be in this situation. I don’t think she ever expected to be in that situation. … We have come to a point where we are seeing [if] what will make everyone happiest is maybe to not live together, but continue to parent. We have different styles of living. I’m very messy. She’s very not.”

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  • Republican

    Hmm. If I ever an erection that I can’t get to go away, I’ll just picture these two having sex. Thanks, queerty!

  • romeo

    I may never get an erection again. Can’t get it out of my head. Can’t…..breathe. Can’t…..

  • romeo

    Awww, I’m being unkind. Rosie’s alright. Certainly entitled as anyone else to get down. Though I think it might be a good idea for any future partners to put a clause in the pre-nup to the effect that “she can’t yell at me when we’re having sex.” Just a thought.

  • hyhybt

    @#2: You’re in the wrong thread for that. Try “Morning Goods” instead.

  • rf

    Enough with the Howard Stern bashing. He’s probably doing more for gay rights and equality than anyone else in America. She was on for an hour and a half and they talked about sex for maybe 15 minutes tops and most of that was about Rosie and Angelina Jolie.

  • Republican


    Yeah, it’s unkind to say, but it’s true. ;)

  • Nick

    Howard is an ally in the fight for our rights. We owe him a debt of gratitude.

  • romeo

    Lighten up guys. We’re just joshin’. Besides, both Rosie and Howard say muuuuuuuch worse things about people, and they say it really LOUD !!! LMAO

  • Elaine

    W O W ! None of the lesbian couples I know who’ve been together a long time are having sex. This gives me hope, LOL.

  • Bri

    @republican and romeo: You guys sound like the people over at freerepublic.

  • YellowRanger

    Thoughts of Rosie O’Donnell having sex.

    The anti-Viagra.

  • roflmfao

    No the idea of her naked!!! shudders!!!!!

  • emamrose

    i do think living with a manic depressive would get difficult after awhile. kelli has to do what she has to do. and sex is so much more than what the person looks like. but if you’re under the age of 30, you haven’t found that out yet.

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