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Rosie O’Donnell Puts A Ring On Her Semi-Closeted Girlfriend Of Three Months

A photo Rosie tweeted of the diamond ring she's put on her fiancee, alongside the caption "so so so happy." Aww.

Rosie’s getting hitched for a second time… to a sexy headhuntress she met in an NYC Starbucks. The lovely lady, one Michelle Rounds, wasn’t out to her parents before the story hit the airwaves.

In a break between taping the “The Rosie Show” yesterday, she made the happy announcement to the studio audience. Her rep confirmed the union to the Daily News: “They are engaged, but no date has been set.” More details from the News:

O’Donnell, 49, and Rounds, 40, stepped out officially as a couple back in September and the TV host has often joked about their initial meeting at a local Starbucks.

“I thought she was a 28-year-old heterosexual girl, because that’s what she looked like to me. And she’s a 40-year-old gay woman,” O’Donnell said on ABC’s “Nightline” in October. “My gaydar was way off!”

Rounds’ family were taken by surprise as well.

It soon surfaced that none of her close relatives knew the headhunter was a lesbian until they read about it in the papers.

“It totally hit us out of left field,” Rounds’ father, Roger Rounds, told the National Enquirer in October. “This has been a painful experience for me and my wife.

“We’d always held out hope that Michelle would eventually find a nice guy to marry, settle down and have kids.”

Rounds will soon be, however, stepmom to O’Donnell’s four children from her previous marriage to Kelli Carpenter.

At least Rounds’ square parents didn’t cling desperately to the notion that she might eventually find a rich, famous television personality to grow old with. Now that would be ridiculous.

Photos via Twitter, david_shankbone’s Flickr