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Rosie O’Donnell + Tracy Kachtick-Anders End Their ‘Gay-dy Bunch’ Relationship

Rosie O’Donnell and Tracy Kachtick-Anders, who were photographed together in December 2009 holding hands in Miami the same week Rosie’s ex Kelli Carpenter appeared to have moved on, are reportedly kaput. Rosie brought four kids to the relationship; Tracy, a Texas artist, brought six. Though “never officially lived under one roof,” according to Rosie’s rep, they certainly aren’t living together now, though they “still socialize and they see each other frequently.”

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  • Sam

    Gee, that’s a shock. They emailed back and forth for a few months and then moved in together (sorry Rosie’s rep, but they DID). And the kids did not get along.

  • Franco

    Rosie lives on a compound in Nyack with over six houses. Rosie also has homes on Star Island in Miami as she has an estimated net worth of over $100 million. Tracey and her family moved to Nyack and resided in one of the houses but never shared the main house with Rosie and her kids. They did meet on Rosie’s blog and originally corresponded via email. In the beginning they organized weekends together in either Texas (where Tracey is from), Miami or Nyack. Just wanted to clear up any confusion and confirm that Rosie’s rep was right. Technically.

  • Cam

    Well she can always go back to pretending to be in love with Tom Cruise, I have a feeling that he’s is probably bored, what with the Scientology mandated drugs keeping Katie Holmes in that permanent haze.

  • Spike

    Whats with the high profile lesbians and their high profile relations never seeming to work out. Its almost as though LTR and lesbians don’t go together.

  • Benny

    Stop bashing Rosie and deal with the real issues like Why is GAGA in bed with Target in light of their treatment of gay people?

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