Rosie O’Donnell’s Awesome Smackdown of Mike Huckabee (That Didn’t Include Any Screaming)

ZOMG did you hear what Mike Huckabee said about homosexuals? Oh. That’s old news? Well Rosie O’Donnell, on her Sirius radio show, invited Mr. Huckabee on the program to talk about … losing and gaining weight. Which was an awesome segue to talk about gays and children!

(Cue to around the 5:00 mark for the relevant piece)

It’s really remarkable to listen to Huckabee speak out of both sides of his mouth, saying how he doesn’t judge gay people on their parenting skills, while at the same time supporting bans on gays adopting, but then saying the whole thing wasn’t his idea, so why should he be blamed, but then getting all vague about whether gays make good families, and then saying he won’t judge anybody — which is precisely what he is doing. Like most bigots, Huckabee grounds his prejudice in faith, and says in one breath that he doesn’t try to impose his beliefs on anyone else, but then pushes those beliefs via policy making.

Snaps to Rosie for keeping the conversation civil and letting Huckabee continue digging his own hypocritical grave.