Rosie O’Donnell’s Big Gay Return to Daytime Talk


If you’re a Sirius XM subscriber (or someone who keeps signing up for free 3-day online stream guest passes), you’ve already got your fill of gay radio options: OutQ boasts Larry Flick in the morning, Frank DeCaro’s fag fest at midday, Michelangelo Signorile’s news and interviews for the drive home, and Derek & Romaine for evening bullshitting. But there’s a new girl in town, and her name is Rosie O’Donnell. The former View co-host arrives on Sirius this fall, but Rosie Radio won’t be on OutQ — she’s too mainstream for us plebes! She’ll be heard daytime on the Stars channel, where she can battle against Barbara Walters (who also hosts a Sirius show) on the dial and not the tube. Meanwhile, we hear this isn’t Rosie’s only planned return to media; might a certain former talk show host be looking for yet another television gig?

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  • galefan2004

    I have a strong suspicion that she would definitely take another television gig if she liked the contract. The thing with Rosie is that she is very particular with her contractual obligations. Hell, she left The View because they wouldn’t give her a 2 year contract and wanted her to sign on for 3 years instead.

  • Cam

    Does this mean that she will go back in the closet and pretend to be in love with Tom Cruise again?

  • Richard in DC

    Hurray! I love Rosie!

  • ggreen

    Rosie lost her jockstrap thanks to the Boy George “Taboo” fiasco on B’Way. She needs the dough badly. She has multiple mouths to feed besides her own.

  • Fitz

    Sirius still exists? Who is still paying for content?

  • Tommy

    I don’t think the Taboo fiasco broke Rosie. She invested $10 million in it, which is a lot to you and me, but not that much to Rosie!
    I don’t think she is doing this for the money. She is doing to because she loves attention and being in the media. Rosie doesn’t like being ignored!!

  • Cam

    @AlwaysGay: you said “@Cam: Male and female sexuality are different. On The Howard Stern Show last year Rosie said she watches gay male porn because you can see the men are enjoying themselves.”

    She was with her partner Kelly the entire time she was claiming to be in love with Tom Cruise, so while I admire your attempt to give somebody the benefit of the doubt she was not going through a “Bi-Sexual phase” at the time. It was a calculated attmept to misslead her audience etc… The fact that she never really mentions the guy after the show pretty much proves that. Again, she came off like she was this single mother adopting kids without ever mentioning the fact that she was able to work on TV because her partner was picking up a lot of the childcare load. I wish I could believe you but no, she was just being a closet case in my opinion.

  • Tommy

    Rosie never said she was in love with Tom Cruise or she wanted to have sex with him. It wasn’t like she was actually pretending to date the guy to hide she was a lesbian. It was just a celebrity crush, just like a lot of gay men like myself crush on Madonna or Angelina Jolie.
    I can’t stand people who are always on the prowl trying to expose alleged closet cases. Find something better to do with your time!
    I think Rosie is very obnoxious as a person, but she’s been very supportive and outspoken about gay causes.

  • Shawn

    When Rosie’s talk show first debuted, she acted like she was sexually attracted to Tom. She would get all giddy and everyone in that audience and those watching at home (like me) came away thinking that she wanted to get down with Tom. Other ladies in the audience would squeal and everyone would laugh.

    I remember being confused because she kept setting off my gaydar, but then I would say, no, she likes Tom Cruise, so I guess she’s straight.

    I guess in a perfect world it wouldn’t matter. Maybe she is bi, and she could like whomever, but in our homophobic world, I think it does matter.

    Though, yes, now that she’s been out, she’s done a lot for gay and lesbian causes. And good for that, I guess. But try as I might, I really don’t like her. Even when she was on “The View”, I agreed with her politics, but still found her very abrasive. Though it was fun when she would make that idiot blonde woman cry and get all emotional.

  • curt wilde

    i LOVE her n will most def watch her on any day time show she does!

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