Rosie Out Of View

Rosie O’Donnell‘s about to have a lot of time on her lesbianic hands. TMZ has confirmed that the 45-year old big mouth will be leaving The View, a retreat she’ll allegedly announce on today’s episode. O’Donnell’s departure comes less than a year after her September 6, 2006 take-over for Meredith Vieira. A pretty short tenure for a woman some people credit for making the ten-year old gab-fest relevant again. (In her first three months, O’Donnell helped boost ratings by 15%.)

One can’t help but wonder if O’Donnell’s many feuds have something to do with her ouster. She did, after all, once promise to stop digging on The Don, yet told had a special message for him at Monday’s Matrix Awards: “Eat Me”.

In light of this announcement, we’d like to share an email message we just received from an irate – and possibly deranged – reader:

Rosie is a fat lesbo, and I would love to have two hours alone with her. Given the chance, I can convert any abnormal lesbian back to normality as I have proven on several occasions. But Rosie is so disgusting that I would have to have one of my assistants do her. Apparently you are also of the rug munching variety and therefore would also qualify for my services. Let me know.

Um…thanks for the offer, but we’re not carpet munchers. Even if we were, we’d rather eat pussy and “burn in hell” than have a go with someone who describes lesbianism as “abnormal”. Fucker.

Update: Via TMZ:

Rosie O’Donnell said: “Breaking News. I’ve decided we couldn’t come to terms with my deal.” Rosie wanted one year and ABC wanted three years. She says she’ll be on frequently next season but won’t be a regular.

Great! Even less time we have to spend not watching The View! Oh, also, Donald Trump’s apparently taking credit for Rosie’s unemployment. Shocker.

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  • dusty

    From the start she had a ONE year contract. ABC wanted her to re-sign for 3 years, she wanted to do it year at a time, which is not how TV works.

    Amazing how much the elite of both the Left and Right have such hate for Rosie…while the much large MIDDLE clearly loves her. Thus, her stronge ratings and support.

  • ryan

    i enjoy rosie on the view
    she was powerful
    people are afraid of power

    i will miss her
    and her view
    even though most hated her for having a view

  • BeeDee

    Is this your idea of balanced reporting? A last chance to slam a visible gay person and you balance your 8-year-old name calling out by giving time to some homophobic rapist? Man, what the fuch is wrong with you??

  • Elaine Fillius

    Rosie is able to connect with people. She has a strong voice and tells the truth. Problem is…many people don’t want to hear the truth and would rather badmouth Rosie.

  • alexa

    I’m sorry she’s going. I hate daytime TV but I’ve been recording The View every day since she’s been on. Not just for her, but her candor and honesty has made all of them better, especially Joy, who is far more outspoken now than she was (and sometimes more outspoken than Rosie).

    As for Trump, I assume the Apprentice must be getting close to its finale. God knows he needs to pimp that show using whatever it takes, its ratings have been terrible.

  • haha

    what i wouldn’t give for one shot to donald trump’s golden nuggets.

  • kevin

    This post is great. That email and your response is so funny, great sense of humor.

  • Vin

    This sounds like The Donald again. These two should just get it over with and have that burnig passionate sex they desire. I know the Donald wants Rosie to strap one on and plunge him. Except they can’t come to a truce when it comes to the starting position. I say, Donald, Let Rosie throw you on your back and you throw those legs over her shoulders. Get it over with alreadys….sheez

  • el polacko

    good riddance to that crude, ill-informed, loudmouthed embarrassment. now, if there was just some way to get it into her thick skull that she is NOT the representative of all things ‘gay’ since being dragged out of her closet.

  • the voice of reason

    Amen el polacko, you said it all so wont add to a perfect summnation of the big fat X Rosie situation.

  • jake

    Why do you have to such an ass to rosie. Your gay too jackass.

  • the voice of reason

    What language you speekie Jake? Have no idea what your comment means, please translate for gay too jackass

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