Rosie Out Of View

Rosie O’Donnell‘s about to have a lot of time on her lesbianic hands. TMZ has confirmed that the 45-year old big mouth will be leaving The View, a retreat she’ll allegedly announce on today’s episode. O’Donnell’s departure comes less than a year after her September 6, 2006 take-over for Meredith Vieira. A pretty short tenure for a woman some people credit for making the ten-year old gab-fest relevant again. (In her first three months, O’Donnell helped boost ratings by 15%.)

One can’t help but wonder if O’Donnell’s many feuds have something to do with her ouster. She did, after all, once promise to stop digging on The Don, yet told had a special message for him at Monday’s Matrix Awards: “Eat Me”.

In light of this announcement, we’d like to share an email message we just received from an irate – and possibly deranged – reader:

Rosie is a fat lesbo, and I would love to have two hours alone with her. Given the chance, I can convert any abnormal lesbian back to normality as I have proven on several occasions. But Rosie is so disgusting that I would have to have one of my assistants do her. Apparently you are also of the rug munching variety and therefore would also qualify for my services. Let me know.

Um…thanks for the offer, but we’re not carpet munchers. Even if we were, we’d rather eat pussy and “burn in hell” than have a go with someone who describes lesbianism as “abnormal”. Fucker.

Update: Via TMZ:

Rosie O’Donnell said: “Breaking News. I’ve decided we couldn’t come to terms with my deal.” Rosie wanted one year and ABC wanted three years. She says she’ll be on frequently next season but won’t be a regular.

Great! Even less time we have to spend not watching The View! Oh, also, Donald Trump‘s apparently taking credit for Rosie’s unemployment. Shocker.