Offers Her 'View' To Anyone Who'll Listen

Rosie Speaks Out

As we all know, Rosie O’Donnell will not be returning to The View.

Thankfully, the lesbian comedienne still maintains her personal blog, where she and her chum have released a little post-apocalyptic message. Sipping on a beer, the chicks ruminate on what went down last Wednesday when O’Donnell and co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck went nuclear.

Responding to reader letters, O’Donnell explains that she still considers her blond rival to be a friend, “I can say this, I never tried harder to be friends with someone than I did with her. But I don’t think we ended up there.” O’Donnell’s friend goes on to suggest that perhaps the girls weren’t compatible. Um, duh

Rosie goes on to compare herself to a foster child and remarks of the now-infamous split screen, “When I saw the split screen, that’s when I knew it was over.” O’Donnell also menions that she sent Hasselbeck an email, received a reply, but they won’t be having a sleepover anytime soon. Tear, tear…