Rosie Will Not Read This Post

Rosie O’Donnell‘s most recent blog entry’s saturated with piss and vinegar. The soon-to-be ex-View co-host writes:

i dont read ur stupid blog
u r insulting me
what will people think
goodbye is never easy

a senior in highschool
its sunny and i wanna stay home
be done
move on

gotta kill the questions
for a while
the end is always rocky
one must focus

Hmm, so does this mean Rosie – who’s undoubtedly pissed off people are pissed off that she’s pissed off at Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s “view” on terrorism – won’t be answering any of our fan mail?

endings [r blog via TMZ]

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  • NG

    Thanks for the translation; When it comes to her blog, I can’t figure out what the hell she’s talking about half the time.

  • chuck lewis

    oh boy……I only hope that when the liberal democrats get the presidency ans well as what they have control of now, that rosie will feel safe in a country that the democrats have given to our enemys…..I do not agree with everything this administration says. I am a combat wounded vietnam veteran, served under five presidents, and I must say, the discusssions we have determine who others view us, speak bad about our country, and dont be surprised if otherss take an action against us……and rosie, the number is 65, 000 iraquis, and not one of them is worth more than an american life, nor do I want to be fighting them here…..cause all your riches will not do anything too save you, “your wife”, and your kids………better learn to grow up and realize that we all have a resposibility to act responsible in this day and age……as for the troops, of the ALL VOLUNTEER ARMED FORCES, well that just goes without saying doesnt it chuck lewis medford, oregon

  • Ben

    That’s right Chuck, after the great Iraqui/ Armada crossed the Atlantic and took out Canada, and then used thier non-christian magic to extend Castro’s life by 200 years, we knew that the US would fall next.

    Good thing we have most of national guard stationed in the Middle East?

  • dear chuck

    thanks for your service, but you can keep your two cents.

    the discussions we have do determine how others view us and are part of the reason why they hate us! we are free to say whatever the fuck we want- and they despise that.

    so much for freedom if we have to live in fear that our conversations will lead to war on the street. for a gun totin’ vet you sure are a fraidy cat.

    here’s a new spin. it’s not our administrations actions that lead to terrorism- it’s questioning their actions that leads to terrorism? WTF?

  • Dave

    Sometimes Ro’s opinions are just plain batshit. I am a liberal democrat, but she is waaayyy out there in “La La land.” She sometimes makes me embarassed, but I mostly agree with her viewpoints except on terrorism and that the current adminstration helped plan 9-11.

  • Tim in FL

    For the record, the number is 655,000 reported by the Washington Post from a study by John Hopkins University.They went door to door and asked about deaths and 90% of households produced death certificates. Chuck, you and your friends need to do a recount. If you are worried about being “safe” you should question why the Bush administration, in looking for the” terrorists”, attacked the wrong country. Asama Bin who?? Remember that guy?? It’s my guess that Bush is still looking for him just like O.J. is still looking for the real killer.

  • Debbi in Pa. says.

    I am so sick of Elisabeth thinking she is always right when it comes to politics. She never shout her BIG MOUTH when someone is trying to give their opinion. I am starting to HATE the veiw. I have a tivo and when she starts her whinning I fast forward her CRAP she talking about. I’ m sure that was a BIG reason Rosie is leaving who could stand her day after day.
    May 23, 2007 9:09 PM

  • Latonya Richards

    I’m confused???? Everyone claims to have the facts but in this day and age what is the truth and what is a lie!!!! How can a blind man see and a deaf man hear. Everyone is at each others throats about which side is right but the truth of the matter is Bin Laden attacked the US and now the Iraq’s are being punished!!!! 655,000 people? How could you even fix your lips to say my life is more precious than another, who are you to judge who deserves to live and who dies. Are you God??? Are you greater than God??? Is Bush God??? Did you create all this beauty that we see??? Did you separate the night and day???? Is it your voice that the elements heard when they were told to come into existence? Why are we so quick to judge and persecute others when in reality we are the one’s who are only concern with our own gain. We have become a greedy, envious, lying, malicious and hateful nation. People are losing their lives, children…I’ll say it one more time, children are dying and no one seems to care. What if it was your 6 year old son, your precious baby girl, your sweet mother, your father, then what??? Why can’t we wake up and see things for what they are or have trumped up presidential elections and biased/bogus media reports caused us to walk around spewing out accusations in our haze!!!! How would we like it if China attacked Canada and then the Canadians declared war on us because of other interest???? Who are you people, do you not care about your brothers and sisters across the ocean??? How has your heart become so hardened that you cry out for your brothers blood???? Why??? I am not some religious fanatic, I am a mother of 3 boys who stays at home and I look at the world from my tv and I weep because we have become senseless, faithless, hopeless, careless, reckless and treacherous. We then justify these things by saying it is to protect us, do you not understand they do not cross our borders because of Higher powers that hold them back. Who is the Army that they can stop pure rage, who is the Marines that they can stop someone who is not afraid to lose their own life for a cause. Understand this… it is not the armed forces that stops the attacks, they do not attack because the Creator watches over and protects you. I pray that God gives all of you clarity because the time of all times is coming. Jesus come back soon!!!! Amen

  • Sandra Girard

    Here here Latonya

  • John

    Why are all the comments about taking sides Rosie’s or Elizabeth’s, and not about the true question at hand? Are we Americans to blame for the 650,000 innocent civilian lives lost in our war in Iraq? The answer is YES, as Americans we are responsible for those lives. Al Qaeda invaded America because of our perceived treat to them and Americans called them terrorist. But when America invaded Iraq because of our perceived treat to us, we call ourselves liberators. We invaded a country that had noting to do with the deaths and destruction of 9/11, and yet we Americans take no responsibility for the lives lost in that invasion. . Rosie was not calling our troops terrorist, just the man in the oval office. America wake up.

  • Latonya Richards

    Tell them John because obviously people are sleep. Let me do a wake up call. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!! Innocent blood is on our hands!!!!!!

  • james

    No matter what you think about Rosie, the war, the View, et al., I think we can all agree on one thing — Rosie O. is a shitty poet.

  • John Roegge

    To all of you who think we should not be in Iraq, the over 1,000,000 people who were killed by Sadam have this to say………. Nothing. The dead don’t speak. Think about that. Families wiped out, women raped and killed, teachers sent to their death. I am sure that you all agree that we should just turn away. One day you will realize, the only reason you can speak you mind today is because of what our military has done in the past.

    To our troops, thank you and Gods speed!

  • Rich

    James, I agree, a shitty poet indeed. Has anyone noticed that sometimes her blog answers don’t make any sense either? They are kinda cryptic, like she wants us to read her mind. Elizabeth was right on one point: Rosie does tend to ask questions instead of simply saying “I believe”, “I think”, etc. I find that annoying. It leaves me having to figure out what she’s trying to say.

    And BTW, if you listen closely to some of her rhetoric on The View, you’ll hear that she actually believes that ALL of the buildings were brought down on 9/11 by explosives (not just WTC 7 like she intimates on TV and her blog), and that there are no such things as NGO terrorist groups only government sponsored terrorism. She looses me when she says shit like that.

    Rosie is clearly an unhappy person, and she needs professional help — regardless of whether she is right about the 655K Iraqis dead and if not for the war that would not be the case. BTW, the US didn’t actually kill all 655K but we definitely created an environment for it to happen.

  • Shannon

    The first 2 or 3 lines of Rosie’s blog entry are things Elisabeth said to her.

  • Rich

    Hey Shannon, Rosie’s blog is ever changing… to which 2 or 3 lines are you referring?… You know what, I can’t believe I’m actually asking. It’s like I give a shit. Nevermind Shannon.

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