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Rosie’s Book A “Trainwreck”

Critics are skewering Rosie O’Donnell’s new book. Journo Jocelyn McClurg describes Celebrity Detox thus,

This is a train wreck of a book – part self-help psychobabble, part searing memoir – by a grown woman who lost her mother as a child. It’s baffling and fascinating and brutally honest, although some stories defy logic.

Much like Ms. O’Donnell herself.

In addition to discussing her bowel movements and breaking her own bones, O’Donnell also “pleas” with former The View colleague Barbara Walters,

…you did not defend me. And I have been a good, loyal daughter to you. And I want you to be a good mother to me. Don’t let the bad man hurt me.

We don’t even know how to respond to that.