Rosie’s Cruise Will Be Live-Blogged

In perhaps the biggest bit breaking news in the homo history, guppie-loving, nuptial-having non-profit Family Pride announced today that they’ll be live blogging from Rosie O’Donnell’s Family Cruise – you know, the cruise that said “fuck you” to the Bahamas?

From FP:

As many of you know, the Family Pride team will be providing the dynamic workshops, programs and speakers for the passengers on this summer’s Rosie Cruise (July 7-14). In addition, our team will be blogging live from the ship to share our experience with everyone back home! So stay tuned for updates!

Our team looks forward to seeing many of you aboard the cruise, and is excited to bring the experience to everyone back home on the mainland.

We can hardly wait to have a real time feed of all the dirty diapers, lesbian exchanges and minute-by-minute updates on Rosie’s family frolicking, tan lines and bowel movements!

The internet really does make dreams come true…