Rosie’s View Debut

From media wagging daddy Jossip comes this footage of Rosie O’Donnell‘s debut on The View today — for all of those “normal” folk stuck in an office at 11 o’clock in the morning. The clip is a six-minute montage that looks back on where Rosie’s been since falling out of the media spotlight after leaving her show, her magazine, and her locks. After the jump, a bonus clip: The fans goes crazy as Rosie walks out on to the set for the first time on TV.

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  • Larry the Gum

    I have a serious problem with the woman on the 13th saying that coloring books are not essential….I myself didn’t have an art class until 5th grade so coloring books were everything for many years. When my brother scribbled over every page of my Garfield coloring book I wanted to kill him because that coloring book was my only outlet at the time. By the time 5th grade came around( I was lucky enough to finally have art in 5th grade) kids in my art class put up drawings of what they thought their shoes looked like, and mine was the only one that looked like a shoe. Art drove me to NYC and I still continue that journey. Art, whether it be charcoals or coloring books are what give me the backbone to continue my journey. Yes I’m trying to succeeding in life……But don’t tell me that coloring books do nothing…..they gave me an edge on everyone…because not everyone can do that well…..Art is the base of our society whether that be poetry, painting, or planning the next community. There is no alternative for art in a childs mind and there is no alternative for art in an adults’ phychology. Bullshit yourself but don’t try to bullshit me…..Life = coloring books, and thats what I live by……also amazingly enough…..what i succeed by.

    Larry Sue aka Larry the gum lol….Laura I

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