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Ross Lynch reads thirst tweets, realizes “half of these tweets are from boys”

Ross Lynch is having his ab-bearing, hip-shaking moment in the sun, and we’re all the better for it.

The former Disney star has turned full shirtless band heartthrob, making The Driver Era’s audiences fight to hold it together along every stop of the tour.

Buzzfeed recently sat him down to read a few of the thirsty tweets folks have been sending out about him recently. Some of them are almost too tame, while others can NOT be repeated in mixed company.

Halfway through the video, he has an adorable realization:

Knowing the gays, it could be wayyyy more than half.

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The video’s selection is a cute mix of adoration and absolute mess. From what we found, there were plenty more to choose from.

Ranging from mild to wild, here are just a few more tweets that show folks are in thirst overload for Mr. Lynch:

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If horny jail existed, the authorities would need to be contacted immediately on all of y’all.

Check out Ross’s full wade into the thirsty depths here: