Rough Gods

rough gods

We have started dropping hints about great holiday gifts for the gays in your life and recently found a book worthy of praise. Its definitely not something your mother would want on her coffee table, but it’s the prefect gift for your fuck buddy. We promise.

Michael Alago’s resume is quite impressive. He discovered Metallica and worked with Nina Simone on her last album. But he now finds photography to be his calling. And we’re quite happy he does.

Rough Gods is a book of photographs featuring hustlers, porn stars, models, and bodybuilders. Pictures of erect penises are interspersed with images of the cross, the American flag, and Marlene Dietrich’s gravesite. The resulting collection is a glorious tribute to body art, sexuality, and muscle. Even the sissy fashion queens(Bradford) we showed the book to were impressed.

Rough Gods is steeped with sexuality. You’d imagine the book to have a faint sent of poppers. One feels a little dirty after opening its pages. And that, sometimes, is the mark of great art.

Some images from the book are after the jump.