Rove: Gay Nups No Big Deal In 2008

Many point fingers at Karl Rove for helping fuel 2004’s national gay marriage debate, but the former White House staffer claims otherwise.

And, more than that, Rove insists the issue won’t be a deciding factor this November:

[Rove] says backers of same-sex marriage started the [2004] fight by filing suits and winning a Supreme Court decision in Massachusetts. Whatever his role was four years ago, Rove predicted in an interview that the issue would be less important in 2008. “It has a lower profile, but it will be an issue in people’s minds,” Rove said. “The bigger issues will be the economy, terrorism, healthcare, energy.”

Let’s hope so…

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  • villager

    yeah, imagine those rowdy, pesky gay folks suing for EQUALITY.

    i hope it is less of an issue, but the fanatics just don’t quit.

  • Jason

    It will not be an issue. Rove said this because he’s working on another plan according to his past couple of weeks of international travel…can we say Georgia? Nothing surprises me from these people (GOP)

  • emb

    Right, Jason! What better way to distract voters from the economy, gas prices, the environmental and moral and legal disasters of the bush administration and even a pesky unpopular war than the need for the US to rush to the aid of a christian nation beseiged by evil Russians. (My god, these people have been DYING to use all their anti-Russian sabre-rattling for twenty years, and it’s like they’re having a collective orgasm!) Note that we’re already flying US troops and equipment into a hot war zone (all those “humanitarian” trips), no doubt in the hope some Russian boy’ll shoot down a plane and we can charge in in the name of god, capitalism, and democracy.

    I hate the republicans. Just hate ’em to bits.

  • Rock

    Rove is a fat fucking pig! Fucking slimeball!


  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I like the way that the editors of Queerty lick Rove’s balls and actually believe that Brown Shirt of a Pig who should be in prison for disclosing a CIA operative; Valerie Plame. The GOP will still use anti-gay Robo-calling in the last desperate days of the lepered John McSnake’s slithering campaign. Some of us weren’t born yesterday. But some forget so easily…

  • mark

    Rove is a f*cking cowardly closeted FAGGOT, he left a 2004 Leather event with a NJ Bear daddy. He earned the name Miss Piggy when he frequented Dupont Circle bars when Bush was governor. Someday this putrid SOB will wander back into a queer venue, and I pray he gets his fat pig face dunked repeatedly in the filthiest toilet available.

  • MBinSF

    Oh, Mark, he’d probably love it. Better yet, how about avoiding him like the plague. What better revenge than to ensure the only sex he gets comes from his own hand?

  • porsha

    Rove would do well to remember what happened to Lee Atwater, the Mr. Slime for GW’s pappy!

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