Rove Revelations Surprise Us Not


We know you’re total internet whores, and as such have probably already caught wind of the new book detailing Karl Rove‘s paths and pathos to power. In it, writers James Moore and Wayne Slater shed some interesting light on virulent homophobe Rove’s gay connects. 365 Gay reports:

In “The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power” writers James Moore and Wayne Slater reveal that Rove has told insiders he does not consider himself “a Christian”, had a father who was gay, and regularly dealt with openly gay Republicans as he worked publicly to have a constitutional amendment passed that would ban same-sex marriage.

“…Regularly dealt with openly gay Republicans?” That totally means he sucked dick for support. Given that it happened more than once, we’re sure Rove loved it. What we wouldn’t give for a little proof of his nancy ways! (Also, can you believe Rove is pictured with not one, but two black people! Astounding!)

Book Exposes Rove’s Gay Link [365 Gay]