Does Clandestine Meeting Spell Disaster For Anglican Leader?

Rowan Williams Hid Gay Eucharist From London Bishop

Rowan Williams continues to cause queer controversy. The Archbishop of Canterbury turned heads earlier this year when he held a clandestine eucharist for gay Anglicans. The meeting probably incensed anti-gay Anglicans, but may also cost Williams his job:

The Archbishop of Canterbury kept a special communion service for gays so secret that he failed to tell the Bishop of London it was happening in his diocese, The Times has learnt.

Even his critics have been taken aback to learn that he did so by making an incursion on to the patch of the Bishop of London, the Right Rev Richard Chartres, without giving notice or seeking permission.

Dr Williams now risks being seen as, at best, discourteous and at worst, in breach of canon law, for sneaking into a church near the Tower of London under the Bishop’s nose. Canon law says that only a bishop can authorize services in his own diocese and infringements may result in an intruder being removed from office.

Chartres did not comment on the “discourtesy”. No doubt Williams’ enemies will use this against him.

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  • The Ghost of a Scissor, Sister

    Would one of Rowan’s congregation slip some GHB into his ceremonial wine and while he’s checked out trim his eyebrows. Please. You’d be doing him a favor, ’cause if he’s gonna get fired, he’ll never be able to get another job looking like a Dumbledore groupie anyway.

  • Jennifer

    Boy, that was dumb. Of course, it’s the sport of the entire Anglican Church, what with the former Abp of Canterbury jetting into the States to do confirmations and various bishops flying about and stirring the shit in other bishops’ jurisdictions all over the world. He has stuck his friggin’ brogue in it this time.

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