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Roy Ashburn Finds His Soulmate: Ken Mehlman

I’m pleased for him because knowing what I’ve been through in trying to keep a secret for so many years and in trying to hide my secret, doing things that were hurtful to gay people, coming to the realization that you can actually admit who you truly are, and to stop the hiding and the actions around that which are hurtful … I mean that’s a big breakthrough and I’m happy for him. … I would argue that the Republican party, because of the principles underlying Republicanism, really is the party that should be championing equal rights for gay people, for all people. For me this is very clear.

—Outgoing California State Sen. Roy Ashburn on his fellow anti-gay newly out Republican buddy Ken Mehlman [via]

Is This The Real Beginning of Roy Ashburn’s Turnaround Tour?

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  • Tessie Tura

    Bad as he was, Roy Ashburn has NOT done the damage that Ken Mehlman has done.

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    Ken Mehlman is a hypocrite as he could have effective so much change but chose to stay silent. Just shows you that the phrase Gay Republican is an oxymoron!

    At least Meghan McCain can breathe again knowing she is not the biggest Republican hypocrite she says she is
    pro-gay and pro-gay marriage, however she boasts about still shopping at Target and is allowing them to sell her book when other legitimate artists have withdrawn their products. Makes you wonder if her NOH8 shoot was just for publicity.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @Ivad Enuffofya: Damn these hypocrites! I am just glad nobody has noticed that I have no LGBT person in my Administration as high up as Ken Mehlman was. But these fools will just keep voting for me and my rubberstamps in Congress because I promised them Hope and Change! What a bunch of suckers!


    Certainly true…..Misery absolutley loves company…….

  • B

    No. 1 · Tessie Tura wrote, “Bad as he was, Roy Ashburn has NOT done the damage that Ken Mehlman has done.”

    Ashburn actually did very little damage at all, mainly because the Republicans (who voted nearly 100% against every gay right bill) are such a small minority in the California State Senate that they are ineffective except at blocking the state budget, which requires a 2/3 vote.

    The worst thing Ashburn did was to appear at a rally supporting Proposition 8. Read and where a pastor named Chad Vegas described Ashburn’s efforts to support Prop 8 as follows: “Let’s just say it was not a great effort in rallying the troops on Roy’s part.” I.e., he was ineffective, and probably mortified at the rally as gay-rights supporters shouted, “We know you’re one of us, Roy!” ( ). Otherwise, he didn’t introduce any anti-gay legislation (as far as I know) and apparently tried to be absent whenever a gay-rights bill was being discussed because talking about it embarrassed him so much.

  • Keith

    Now they can have a 3 way with Ted Haggard. All of them are repulsive.

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