Roy Ashburn’s Life Story, Set to Rhymes

So many of life’s events are worth expressing in poetry. The opening of cherry blossoms. A child’s birthday. A rainbow after a sun shower. Oh, and California State Sen. Roy Ashburn’s arrest.

Oh beautiful couplets, whisper sweet nothings:

Bakersfield awakened to the news:
Swerving car of anti swishing views
Senator, just leaving funny Faces –
Not good news for political races.

It’s “C” Street hypocrisy return,
Leaving gay bar was Roy Ashburn.
Burning ashes doesn’t start a fire
Nor does this arrest raise my ire.

Righteous Roy, the gay molester,
Homophobic boil did burn and fester.
Where’s your indignation, Christian sir?
Under Macho saddle, queer burr?

Bashing queers as tactical campaigns
Risks media lights on closet floor stains.