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  • carl

    He looks like he needs a bath… with my tongue!

  • fredo777

    Nice vee-lines.


  • degan22

    I don’t hate this at all. When did he become hot? Totes missed it.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    royal hotness! He’s lucky he has James Hewitt as a daddy and not Charles.

  • fredo777

    I know, Degan.

    I didn’t see it coming, either, but he is looking good lately. I mean, edible good.

  • Amber LeMay

    Took “somes”??? I want somes more!!!

  • Kree

    Do you think he is naturally hairless down there, or does he trim the forest? :)

  • CitizenGeek


  • Endymnion

    Pity he is so dense, destroying life instead of preserving and revering it!

    His ride-instructor daddy, James Hewitt, surely gave good lessons to his mom (she deserved them, Charles is such a clot!).

    Harry looks quite yummy in the pic!


    Thank goodness his out of that hell hole, such a specimen needs to be taken good care of;).

  • Scooter Bangs

    Don’t they provide boxers in the RAF?? Although, I’m not complaining….

  • afrolito

    I love how it’s so widely assumed Charles is not his father, ignoring the fact that Diana wasn’t even seeing Hewitt when he was conceived. Harry actually takes after the Spencer side of the family, and looks like her brother. Edward looks more like Diana, but unfortunately he seems to have inherited male pattern baldness from Charles.

    But back to Harry…..he is hot, and has been for a while.

  • Scooter Bangs

    oh, afrolito….not even seeing???? You’re trusting the Royal date book on this matter? Do you think she penciled in, “1) Clean tiara 2) Call Elton 3) fuck hot riding instructor.”?

    The proof is in the incredibly strong resemblance. God, Maury wouldn’t even waste a DNA test on this one.

  • afrolito

    A resemblance is proof of NOTHING Scooter. Her not seeing Hewitt at the time of his conception is a known fact, considering she was the most photographed woman in the world on a daily basis. I think the press would have caught on, and reported an affair with Hewitt at the time, if they were in fact seeing each other.

    I’m sure the queen ordered discreet dna tests, for her own peace of mind. An illegitimate offspring 2nd in line to the throne would cause countless sleepless nights at Balmoral.

    But whatever, I still want to swallow his royal staff.

  • RPCV

    Can you imagine how cheesy that uncut cock smells? Yuck…….

  • Jack Jett

    Sad to say, but this photo may be the best thing to come out of this war.

    And yes, I am imagining how cheesy that uncut cock smells……….and i want to bottle it.

  • DanGOP

    Damn! When can I get in on the action with him? He’s absolutely gorgeous. Now please pardon me while I lick up this drool.

  • hells kitchen guy

    “I’m sure the queen ordered discreet dna tests, for her own peace of mind.”

    Dude, what planet are you on? The queen would most certainly NOT order a DNA test on her grandson, if she walked in on Di riding Hewitt like a polo pony.

    Bad form, bad form.

  • Shawn

    Afrolito, (according to the butler) Diana had sent a secret love note to Hewitt shortly after she had given birth to Harry and signed the note from “Diana and Harry.”

    Hmmm……now that could be totally innocent, I guess, but, hmmm….I makes me wonder.

    Though, all of you who have pointed out that the Spencers are red-heads are correct. Even early photos of Diana show her having a definite strawberry blondeness to her hair.

    And also Afrolito, I can put a big pin into your argument about how Hewitt can’t be the father because she was so photographed that the press would have caught it:

    Her being the most photographed woman certainly didn’t stop her from pulling off that secret television interview with Martin Bashir, did it? She was living right in the heart of London in Kensington Palace and still managed to get Bashir AND a camera person into her apartment to give a long, extended interview that practically NO ONE knew about until it was aired.

    If she could pull that off, arranging a rendezvous with a hot riding instructor would have been a piece of cake!

  • John

    It seems the British and Canadians (not so much the Australians) are still very enthralled with their German royals. Although the tabloids were shocked that Harry showed up to a party in Nazi regalia, I merely took it more as proof that he really is Prince Phillip’s grandson. There… paternal mystery solved.

  • Jonathon

    Very nice I must say!

  • mark

    yeah, someone just “happened” to get this perfectly posed photo of Harry da NAZI, with his fatigues set as low riders.


    guess the royal didn’t notice the flash attachment used for a night picture….either

  • Puddy Katz

    Harry-haters like Mark can fuck off.
    He also looks a good deal like Charles and Philip in other photos.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Regardless of his paternity he is looking fine, unlike former pretty boy brother William who just turned 26 and is looking more and more like Charles daily – and is already freefalling in terms of his attractiveness.

  • mark

    Puddy Katz


    I didn’t dress your little Prince in a NAZI outfit, that was ALL his own faux pas, especially with his great-uncle’s appeasing History to live down.
    as for Harry’s pose it is centuries old

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