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Royal family in “panic mode” over what Harry and Meghan might be cooking up next with Oprah

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are causing trouble for the royal family again. And by “causing trouble” we actually mean they’re not doing anything untoward or wrong but the palace is freaking out anyway.

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Rumors that the Sussexes are planning another sit-down with Oprah following last year’s bombshell interview began swirling late last month when they were photographed leaving the media mogul’s home in California.

While there could be any number of reasons why Harry and Meghan were hanging out with Oprah, the palace is now reportedly in “panic mode” that another explosive TV special could be in the works.

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Royal expert Daniela Elser notes that the Sussexes are “holding some pretty powerful cards,” especially with Harry’s new memoir coming out soon and the palace’s refusal to release its report about those dubious allegations of bullying made against Meghan. Harry also just won a libel suit against the publisher of The Mail for an incorrect story it ran about him.

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Writes Elser:

The problem is that the royal family has left the Sussexes in a position where they really have nothing left to lose. They no longer receive any funding from Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall, they no longer get a freebie and instead pay rent on their Windsor home Frogmore Cottage, and they have had all of their official patronages and military roles stripped away.

… The question for Harry and Meghan becomes, why not indulge in Oprah mark two? Why not tell the world how sad and hurt they were to be shunned by his family? How painful it was to be relegated to second-row, second-tier status during the Jubilee? Why not try and use an embarrassing situation to generate some sympathy for them?

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