Dirty Danny

This royal horse cavalry guard also happens to be one of the Britain’s busiest gay adult film actors

This just in: One of the royal horse cavalry guards who escorted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their wedding day moonlights as a gay adult film performer.

RadarOnline reports that the guard’s real name is Dan Broughton. His porn name is Dirty Danny. And apparently he’s “one of Britain’s busiest gay porn actors.”

Radar reports:

As a member of The Household Cavalry, Dan Broughton is a prominent member of the plumed and gold-helmeted mounted royal escort. His unit accompanied the newly married couple’s white horse-drawn carriage through Windsor’s streets following their sumptuous May 19 wedding.

It’s never been a secret that Broughton is gay. In fact, he’s believed to be a pal of Harry, who “has even described Dan as his ‘GBF’ — gay best friend,” a royal insider noted.

The online gossip rag claims the internet is “littered with explicit Dirty Danny videos” including on the very NSFW sites men.com and English Lads. A quick Google search for “Dan Broughton porn” verifies the claim.

“A total charmer,” Broughton’s UKNakedMen.com profile reads. “It’s not just lust when you meet Daniel Broughton, you will fall a teeny bit in love.”

“He’s from the north of England, they’re friendly up there. He’s flirtatious, completely versatile and has a bit of a thing for older guys and straight boys.”

In addition to identifying himself as a member of the British military on his Twitter profile, Broughton also describes himself as an “International Commercial and Erotica Model.”

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