Ruben Diaz: Join Me In My Hatred Of Hispanics and Love Of Teen Suicide!

Upset that NYC Spanish newspaper El Diario supports marriage equality and does not cover enough evangelical Christian events, New York state senate super hater Ruben Diaz Sr. has spearheaded a boycott saying that every 50 cent purchase of the Spanish daily paper helps promote abortions and same-sex marriage. Wait? It does? Maybe El Diario is a better paper than we thought!

So in short, Ruben Diaz would like to scuttle the oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper in America, a paper read by 70% of NYC’s Hispanic news readers, a paper with 800,000 weekly readers per week and one of the only papers that regularly carries news about readers’ South American countries of origin. Why does Diaz hate Hispanics so much?

Also one should assume since states with marriage equality have lower teen suicide rates that Diaz is also a big champion of teen suicide. So Diaz hates Hispanics and teenagers? Is there a way we can work that into his re-election slogan?