Naming Names

Ruben Diaz Wants to Know Which Senators Support Marriage. Us, Too


Oh it is on! With New York State Sen. Thomas Duane saying he’s got the 32 votes to pass same-sex marriage (even though at least one survey says that some must be hiding out for that to be true), staunch marriage opponent and celebrated bigot Sen. Ruben Diaz is demanding Duane name the names of the senators who will vote yes.

Diaz: “If Senator Tom Duane has the necessary Senate votes to pass the homosexual marriage bill in New York State, then he should release the names of those Senators who are supporting the bill. If not, he should shut up. If any member of the State Senate is so ashamed to have their names released or to release their own names for this or for any pending legislation, then they clearly feel ashamed of their position.” To which Duane’s camp responded: “LOL.”

But for all the hateful things Diaz says, and for all his ideology we disagree with, we he’s on the mark here. If senators will support the same-sex marriage bill, they at least owe us the courtesy of letting their names be known. (NY1 found 20 who would do it.) Because without them going on record announcing their support, Duane can’t get the 32 votes he needs, which means Majority Leader Malcolm Smith won’t permit the bill to go to a vote. (Maybe the Times‘ editorial demanding he do so will give it a push?)

At this point, remaining silent is as powerful as voting no.