Ruben Diaz Wins “Ruben Diaz Courage Award” For Being Most Like Ruben Diaz

The anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund has just bestowed the first ever “Ruben Diaz Courage Award” to none other than (drum roll please…) RUBEN DIAZ!!! Oh wow! How unexpected! Speech! Speech!

The RDC award (pronounced “Ridic”) goes to “elected officials each year who are willing to withstand the tide of public pressure to stand for moral and biblical issues.” That’s a horribly written criterion, but sure! Why not?

And what better way to celebrate Ruben Diaz’s courage than honoring the very man who has spent most of his political career denying gay spouses health care coverage and keeping children in orphanages rather than letting gay couples adopt them. It takes a real man to deny care to thousands of American citizens and children and we can thank of no better RDC award recipient than Ruben “Make My Lesbian Grand-Daughter Puke” Diaz.

The trophy will surely impress St. Peter and God herself when Diaz dies unexpectedly during a cocaine orgy.

Who will win the award next year? GOProud? Phil Hinkle? Maggs Gags? We’re positively on pins and needles. It’s just like the Oscars, except hatier.

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  • the crustybastard

    “elected officials who are willing to withstand the tide of public pressure to stand for moral and biblical issues.”

    In other words, “elected officials who are willing to ignore the core concepts of democracy and proportional representation in favor of establishing a new Christian theocracy?”

    Well, at least they’re finally admitting it.

    Honestly, this shit is just as sinister as trying to destroy America and promote the caliphate by driving airplanes into office buildings.

  • ewe

    Ruben Diaz can burn in his own defined Hell.

  • Riker

    Don’t forget, this is also the same person who tried to have Harvey Milk High School shut down because its very existence infringed on the first amendment rights of heterosexuals.

  • Patrick

    This reminds me of the news desk announcement from the classic Saturday Night Live years:

    “Once again, Miss Chita Rivera has been crowned “Miss Chita Rivera.” Miss Chita Rivera has won the title of “Miss Chita Rivera” every year, except for 1971 when the award went to Rita Moreno.”

  • Michael Crawford

    While I hope Diaz gets everything he deserves !

    This article left out one important fact – HE’S A DEMOCRATIC. In all fairness, if he were a member of the GOP – I’m quite certain the article would have pointed that out several times. To that point – there were members of the GOP in New York that stood with the other Dems. to pass the Marriage Equality Act. All the while Sen Diaz (Dem) stood in the way of equality. Remember that the next time you go to Vote ! Regardless of the state you live in but especially in New York – lets get Diaz out of office.

  • the crustybastard

    Senator Reverend Diaz (as he likes to be called) opposes recognizing gay people’s fundamental, civil and Constitutional rights.

    Senator Reverend Diaz acknowledges that his religious beliefs interfere with his ability to perform his job as a state senator by obligating him to interfere with the deliberative body’s purpose of debating matters of law and policy prior to voting on those matters; to wit, “…My position as an ordained minister and a pastor will not allow me to support any would-be leader that will bring gay marriage to the Senate floor.”

    Senator Reverend Diaz maintains, “I am the church, I am the state.” While Diaz acknowledges that SCOTUS recognizes the Constitution requires church/state separation, Diaz nonetheless insists that there is no such Constitutional obligation.

    Senator Reverend Diaz opposes women having a right to make their own reproductive decisions and claims current abortion laws are a greater human rights outrage than anything perpetrated by Nazi Germany.

    Senator Reverend Diaz represents neighborhoods with the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STD infection in the state of New York, but reliably blocks any legislative efforts to address this public health crisis, and is rabidly opposed to Planned Parenthood, insisting that they routinely perform greater atrocities in their clinics than Nazi physician and human experimenter Josef Mengele ever did.

    Senator Reverend Diaz opposes stem cell research generally on the basis of two researchers who believe stem cells will not provide a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, and because he thinks stem-cell research is no different than Nazis using the ashes of murdered Jews to produce soap. Diaz has no training in science or, evidently, history.

    Senator Reverend Diaz opposed his state hosting the Gay Games on the basis the tournament would spread AIDS and cause children to become gay.

    Senator Reverend Diaz opposed establishing a safe-haven high school for kids who’d been subjected to antigay harassment and violence on the basis that the money would be better spent on other minorities and, “the homosexual kids are not the ones with problems.”

    Senator Reverend Diaz granted $1.4 million of taxpayer money into a Diaz family enterprise, “Soundview Community In Action” while the organization employed his father, mother and stepmother. After SCA reorganized and stopped employing Diaz family members in 2003, Diaz and his assemblyman son granted another $940,000 of public funds over the next three years to “The Christian Community Benevolent Association,” also established by Diaz and managed by his wife.

    Senator Reverend Diaz sponsored an antigay political rally where one of the speakers, Rev. Ariel Torres Ortega, cited how the Bible approves of killing gays, “Those who practice such things [homosexuality] are worthy to death.” Diaz neither disavowed nor distanced himself from the rally’s advocacy of murder and vigilantism.

    Senator Reverend Diaz endorsed incumbent Republican Frank Padavan for state senate purely on the basis of Padavan’s antipathy to gay rights and the Democratic candidate’s position that gay people possess the right to equal access to civil marriage and its attendant benefits. Padavan lost.

    Diaz endorsed Republican homophobe and lunatic Carl Paladino for governor over Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Paladino lost.

    Senator Reverend campaigns as “A True Democrat.”

  • Vada Lavina

    The Alliance Defense Fund did not create the award. Jim Garlow did. Read the PFAW post to which you link.

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