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Ruby Rose shares horrific details of hate crime that sent her to the hospital


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Actress Ruby Rose has detailed a horrible hate crime attack that left her hospitalized from her injuries.

The former Batwoman star, who left the show last year over creative differences, told the UK newspaper The Guardian about a harrowing attack that occurred not long after her coming out.

At the time, Rose still lived with her single mother, Katia, in her native Australia. She came out publicly as a lesbian at the tender age of 12, and began experimenting with gender fluidity.

Her coming out came at a price, however. Bullying immediately followed, with her fellow students writing “We hate Ruby” on bathroom walls and accusing her of leering at them in changing rooms.

“It was horrendous,” Rose told The Guardian. “It was little bullying moments like that, that just made me feel like I couldn’t be myself.”

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The bullying hit a fever pitch with a violent attack on Rose by several other students.

“I was hospitalized and then was out of school for about five days,” Rose recalled. “I got beaten up by about four girls and one guy in front of about 50 people. They hit me in the head with metal chairs at a cafe, and they threw things at me. They punched me.”

“I ended up with lacerations, big bruises, concussion and also … just how much that horrifies your soul, your spirit. I’d been bullied a lot, but not to this degree where I was worried for my life.”

Worse, nobody from the crowd of bystanders did anything to intervene. Rose says she’s since received apologies from some of the crowd for their inaction.

She and her mother initially planned to press charges against her attackers, but eventually were convinced not to do so.

Rose’s mother Katia didn’t have the funds for a long legal fight against several people. There was also concern for young Ruby’s mental health, which she had struggled with prior to coming out. Instead, Ruby changed schools.

Of course, Rose has had the last laugh. A stint as an MTV VJ led to a modeling career, and eventually, an acting one too. She’s since appeared in the popular films The Meg, John Wick: Chapter 2, and on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black before landing her role on Batwoman. The actress will next appear in the comedy Three Sisters.